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Downstairs Kitchen

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A New Way to Work, Meet, and Live

CoHatch designs shared working spaces with the local community in mind.

Article by Danielle Daugherty

Photography by Provided by Carmel COhatch

Originally published in Carmel City Lifestyle

Since March of 2020, the way we work evolved to fit a mobile lifestyle. Whether you work completely remote, hybrid, or spend most of your time back in the office, COhatch Carmel has designed shared working spaces with you in mind. “We want you to work here and meet here, but we also want it to be an extension of your home,” explains Mary-Kris McWhinney, Community Manager for Carmel COhatch.

COhatch Carmel was the 21st location of the franchise and opened its doors in late August of 2022. The Ohio-based company was founded in 2016, and the original idea was simple: take entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, nonprofits, startups and/or social enterprises, and give them a place to gather inside re-imaged brick and mortar spaces. Vacant or underutilized buildings became the perfect place to create micro communities for 24/7 access to a better way to work and live.

McWhinney points out how this space follows the same pattern, “In our design [of Carmel COhatch] we gave a nod to the history of the building.” Each meeting space reflects the past use of the building: the Noir Room’s theme showcases how the building used to be a silent film theater; the Station 38 conference room pays homage to the building’s history as Carmel’s first fire station. Carmel COhatch is in the former antique mall, and this specific location was chosen because it’s in downtown, in the heart of the community. Most members are within walking distance, so this naturally promotes connection. Chief Executive Officer and COhatch founder Matt Davis says, “By providing a center of gravity for the community and offering tools and amenities to flourish, members thrive through our collaborative and innovative approach to community.”

CoHatch aims to serve as a community hub. The 24/7 memberships range from day passes, monthly access, to unlimited. While anyone can become a member, most people who land at COhatch are either working from home or a hybrid work environment. They want to keep the work-from-home feel outside of their house, yet they are ready to collaborate like they are still in an office.

On top of beautiful coworking spaces, COhatch offers members a place to hold milestone moments. “Members can use our event spaces for free. So, if you have a big birthday, a graduation party, a baby shower, a wedding shower or [even] a small wedding…you can celebrate those free of charge in our event space after hours or on the weekends,” McWhinney shared. While weddings aren’t something a person might consider at Carmel COhatch, a membership gets you access to all spaces around town- including former churches. Non-members can also reach out to learn how to utilize the space for their own milestone moments. 

COhatch also enjoys supporting the community in many of ways. They offer nonprofits, startups, and civic organizations scholarship options to meet their budgets. Several times a year, COhatch hosts Merchant Meet-Ups where local and small business owners learn about the city, network, and connect. Each month, members also enjoy social events, while members and non-members can enjoy programs for helping their businesses grow. After these type of events, McWhinney shared, “They start to depend on each other, not just for business contacts, but for friendship. Even [some members] in similar businesses start sharing strategies and ideating beyond our walls.”

COhatch Carmel is home to over 75 coworking seats, 32 private offices, and 20-40 person event venues! So whether you’re in the mood to network with your neighbors, fly solo, or host an event, COhatch Carmel has an amazing space for you! Stop by for a tour and see all the ways you can work, meet, and live in your own community! Connect directly with Mary-Kris:, or visit to learn more.

  • Front Lobby or "Living Room"
  • Downstairs Kitchen
  • Noir Room
  • Station 38
  • Upstairs Lounge and Bar Area