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With Services That Span IV Therapies, Cutting-Edge Hormone Replacement Therapy, and a Hyperbaric Chamber, Revitalize Functional Medicine is a One-Stop-Rejuvenation-Shop

Doctors have the power to save lives. But what about the skill to positively transform them?

Revitalize Functional Medicine founder Dr. Theresa Ramsey has been doing just that for patients for more than two decades.

Specializing in hormone replacement therapy, Ramsey has helped countless men and women discover a refreshed version of themselves with a vitality they had 20 or more years ago.

“As part of normal aging, people expect those aches and pains. You’re told that you’re going to get tired faster, can’t go to the gym as often, not going to have as much sex,” explains Walker Ramsey, Revitalize’s director of marketing and Ramsey’s son. “They want that quality of life they had when they were in their 20s or 30s.” 

Ramsey does bioidentical therapy, which utilizes hormones that are DNA-wise identical to the ones we are born with. Research indicates this yields better results and has a lower risk of adverse effects than traditional synthetic hormone therapy. Ramsey is one of the very few Arizona practicing physicians who offers this therapy.

“It’s given our patients peace of mind. They have a lot of questions about it, but as science progressed, we’ve had great results with our patients,” Walker says. 

Ramsey’s homeopathic practice has attracted a large client base and sparked a growth in services over the years. Revitalize offers every kind of therapy designed to address a comprehensive umbrella of needs spanning men’s and women’s health, preventive aging, acupuncture, homeopathy, environmental medicine, and injection therapies for joint rejuvenation.

An in-house lab means tests and hormone panels are done onsite, so treatments can be efficiently determined. 

“It all functions around healthy aging and supporting the immune system as best as we possibly can,” Walker says. 

Other draws are IV therapies that target areas like immunity boosting, hydration, stress, and muscle soreness, and the hyperbaric chamber that is used as a preventative modality rather than part of a recovery. 

But hormone replacement therapy is what has really made an impact. Walker reads testimonials from patients who can attest to this.

“It’s life-changing and life-giving, which gave our lives back and saved our marriage,” Walker says of one couple’s feedback. “When you see that… it’s phenomenal.”

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