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I grew up with two grandmothers who really enjoyed cooking. From my Jewish grandma, who made the juiciest, most delicious brisket, to my Southern grandma’s classic American breakfast with homemade biscuits, family dinners were a huge part of my upbringing.

It’s because of my grandmothers that I learned to love to cook. My Nanny would let my sister and I cook anything we wanted in the kitchen. And no matter what we put in it, she would always try it and tell us how delicious it was. How she kept a straight face while choking down a concoction of coffee grinds, mustard, and leftovers from the frig, I will never know. But she always made sure we enjoyed our time cooking together. It’s that togetherness that I remember so fondly.

At the end of each episode of the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast, I ask my guest, “What’s your favorite Scottsdale vibe?” And the most popular answer I get is, “The food scene!” We are so lucky to have so many incredible chefs in our city.

This issue showcases just some of the amazing places we have in our backyard. From your grandmother's-style brisket to a Southern breakfast of champions, there really is something for everyone in Scottsdale. Whether it’s eating in, eating out, or just being around the table with friends and family, food and drink really do bring people together.

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