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A Passion for Personal Care

Ikaria Infusions and Aesthetics is Gallatin's newest health hub

Article by Jessica Cheek

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

We are all looking to be at our best and to operate at an optimal health level. Over four in five American adults dive into the vitamin and supplement game daily to ensure that our bodies get exactly what they need consistently. What we consume, our lifestyle decisions and even our environment in which we live determines so much of our overall health. Studies dating back to the 1930s have even revealed that global soil is losing its nutrient punch and modern produce is now nearly nutrient-barren. Even with a top-notch diet, chances are, you're still missing out on crucial nutrients; there has to be an alternative to bridge the gap to wellness!

Enter modern vitamins and supplements. These can be great for filling in some of the gaps in our overall nutrition; however, most people don’t realize that supplements taken by mouth travel quite a long distance throughout the digestive tract before they reach the stomach and are broken down for usage by our cells and systems. Once reaching the stomach, more than half of the nutrient content is lost and not absorbed as intended, and since 92 percent of the population is nutrient and/or mineral-deficient, this perpetuates the problem!

Ikaria Infusions and Aesthetics in Gallatin offers a different take and provides a better overall method for ensuring our bodies are receiving the appropriate vitamins and minerals they need to operate at peak health. Inside a fun, cozy and relaxing environment, and the complete opposite of the bland medical office or hospital setting, you are now able to skip the oral vitamins and mineral supplements and put those same vitamins and minerals right into your bloodstream in the form of IV hydration and vitamin injections.

This small business in Gallatin is owned and operated jointly by Debra Kilpatrick and Audrey Frazier, two registered nurses and friends who were ready to offer preventative healthcare to their community in a warm, inviting, and comfortable space specifically designed to minimize anxiety and fears. As healthcare providers with decades of experience, they know the importance of making sure our bodies are properly “fed.” While eating a diverse diet and keeping a healthy lifestyle are important, our bodies still need extra nutrients to function optimally. Taking advantage of the ability to bypass the digestive system to get these vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants absorbed right into the body at a rate of 100% through IV hydration and vitamin injections has been a game changer for those who understand the importance and amazing benefits.

While IV therapy for vitamins and supplements is routinely used in clinical settings, like the hospital or medical offices, Ikaria now brings the same benefits to the community in a much warmer and more welcoming environment. Ikaria’s brick-and-mortar location in downtown Gallatin was designed to be an inviting space similar to an upscale, boutique day spa. Ikaria even offers their convenient, mobile concierge infusion service and will come to you if you are short on time, unable to get out of the house, or just prefer a more private setting! The entire process of receiving an IV infusion typically only takes an hour, but Ikaria also offers an even quicker method through vitamin injections that are delivered directly into your muscle for immediate absorption–a true in-and-out treatment for those who prefer a quicker delivery method.

Some of the specialty infusions and injections that the ladies at Ikaria have put together are comprised of an immune-boosting cocktail of zinc, vitamin C and a combination of other B vitamins that fight off infection and even reduce the duration of a potential illness. Ikaria also has treatments to boost energy, decrease fatigue, increase metabolism and burn fat, reduce inflammation, detoxify, enhance cognitive function and improve liver, heart and brain health. Ikaria even offers walk-in services for Zofran (anti-nausea) and Toradol (non-narcotic, non-sedating pain relief) injections.

In a time where we are looking to gain back our edge and overall health, we are all looking for a better way to do that. In keeping that “better way” front and center, Ikaria’s invigorating IV hydration and vitamin injections are amazing tools to help elevate your health and renew your body’s vitality in a truly unique setting unlike any other in Gallatin.


"What we consume, lifestyle decisions and environmental factors determine so much of our overall health."