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Finding Texas Treasures

Art Connoisseur and Gallery Curator John Rosa Shares His Expertise for Art Lovers In Boerne

Article by Sophie Winterle

Photography by Sophie Winterle

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Tucked away behind a gas station off state highway 46, you will find the Texas Treasures art gallery, one of Boerne’s most aptly named hidden gems. Don’t let its location fool you. Upon walking inside this carefully curated space, you’ll quickly be enraptured by the beautiful pieces, bold colors, and stoic statues. There is something new to be discovered with each glance. And at the front desk, you’ll find John “Johny” Rosa, the owner and proud collector of some of the most profound pieces in all of the Texas Hill Country.

“Art should be a reflection of your life, both past and future. It is the stories of your life waiting to be told to people who don’t know you,” reflects Rosa. For 28 years, he has been working in the art industry to become the connoisseur he is today. 15 of those years have been in Boerne, where he has built a team that is committed to serving and giving back to the community in any art-related way. Not only does his gallery promote the work of artists all over the state, Rosa and his staff also do appraisals, custom framings, restorations, installs, and more.

Rosa says the key to decorating well with art lies in what the piece says about you. He shared a story about the time he was gifted an interesting piece when he moved to Boerne from Sante Fe as an example. It was a one-of-a-kind sculpture made especially for Rosa that featured a large spider and a swarm of bees. “I hate spiders and bees. The artist was my friend so he knew that about me. But that was the beauty of the sculpture,” Rosa shares. The captivating piece still resides in Rosa's office at the gallery to serve as a reminder to face his fears, whether they appear in the form of an eight-legged beast or a daring business venture. 

The best art is a conversation starter and also a mood changer, Rosa says. He strongly stands behind the science that color plays a large role in evoking feelings. Yellow inspires happiness, and soft blues lull you into a blissful state.

He also believes that your external experiences influence your home decoration style. For example, people who work in a center office with no windows will benefit from coming home to a bright, colorfully decorated home. Alternatively, someone with an adventurous life may enjoy coming home to muted, earth tones that help them unwind from a hectic day.

All that said, art is what you make of it. As families grow and change, so do their homes. What once was a child’s bedroom is now a home gym or office. Where a giant painting of the Toy Story revolver once hung, there is now an empty space waiting to be filled. There are many options to consider when decorating a space as well. Not everyone can afford to hang a $5,000 painting in their guest bedroom only to be viewed twice a year. Sometimes all you need is a print of your favorite painting instead of the original canvas. Fortunately, you can find over 68,000 prints on the Texas Treasures website.  

As Boerne has grown, so has The Texas Treasures team. People move here for a slice of Hill Country paradise and bring their own unique styles with them. Historically, this region of Texas largely preferred Western-style art featuring horses, Native American culture, and other aspects of frontier life. But more recently, Rosa has noticed more contemporary influences growing in popularity. He made sure to note that, “Through it all, Texas Hill Country landscapes remain quintessential.”

With all that in mind, it is a fact of life that families are diverse. A husband may enjoy contemporary pieces while a wife leans more toward the Western style. Luckily, Rosa has seen it all before and offers a range of solutions. The gallery staff can superimpose an image of the art that you want into a picture of the room in your home where you wish for it to hang. You can also take the piece on approval to make sure it matches the look that you’re going for before committing to the purchase. 

Art holds value in many ways, whether it’s monetary worth or priceless memories. Separating with a treasured piece can be difficult and Johny has seen this firsthand after working with generations of families which is why his gallery offers estate planning services. Lastly, Johny wants his clients to know that no budget is too big or too small.

When you’re searching for art to make your house feel like home, you can find gold at Texas Treasures.

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