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Put a "Wow" on Dinner

The perfect ending to a romantic dinner always involves chocolate.

Some of the most delicious, decadent chocolate cake around – complete with cocoa frosting - can be found at Tavern 4&5. A side of homemade kahlua chocolate sauce made with callebeaut bittersweet chocolate is included to pour over the vanilla ice cream that is included. Meant to share - if you want to.

Earn extra points and add a pomegranate martini that looks as good as it tastes. This modern, classic cocktail pairs well with chocolate cake and sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

Pomegranate Martini


2oz Smirnoff Pomegranate

1.5oz Pom Juice

.5oz Lime Juice

Fresh Lime Wedge Garnish


01                 Pour the Smirnoff, Pom juice, and lime juice into a mixing glass

02                 Add ice cubes

03                 Stir well

04                 Stain into a class martini cocktail glass

05                 Add fresh lime wedge garnish