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A Permanent Impact

Article by Brianna Melanson

Photography by Victoria Collings

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Selena Polgardy is a professional cosmetic and tattoo artist commended for her generosity and dedication to cancer patients. In addition to her permanent makeup offerings, she invented a luxury line, Glam by Selena Cosmetics.

Being surrounded by family and friends battling and passing away from cancer has fueled Selena’s passion to give back to those struggling with side effects from cancer treatments. She took her talents from the makeup industry and has helped over 20 cancer survivors and warriors receive free permanent eyebrows, a procedure that can take 2 to 3 hours and requires a follow-up session. These individuals are nominated through Instagram giveaways on Glam by Selena’s account. Selena says, “It’s not just putting a free pair of brows on them. They’ll open up to me and I begin to be with them on their journey.”

Her brow services are not limited to women or a specific type of cancer. Men lose their brows too or may need to learn how to apply brows with brow pencils on themselves or on a significant other. Selena adds, “You can really put warmth back into people’s hearts. Most people don’t want to be looked at and treated like they’re going through cancer.” It’s a huge self-esteem boost for those who lost their brows, and also don’t have the time and energy to do them every day.

She offers her permanent makeup services at several places in town including Golden Yeti Art Collective in downtown Franklin. Golden Yeti owner Jeff Barnard and artist Caitlyn Campbell do free areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors and welcomed Selena with open arms.

After one of Selena’s biggest supporters passed away, it pushed Selena to not give up on growing her cosmetics line. Selena says, “I locked myself in my mom’s house in Tennessee and then really worked on my products. I hustled and that’s how I got where I’m at now.” All of Selena’s cosmetics are free from any toxic, cancer-causing ingredients. Selena launched her cosmetics line, Glam by Selena, on December 4, 2021. Breast cancer survivor, Michelle Wilson (@sipstosugars), was the first to model Selena’s luxury lashes and eyebrow kits. Michelle says, “When I went through cancer, believe it or not, the HARDEST thing was losing my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. I felt like I lost that special feeling of being female. You look in the mirror and it’s not you. When I would go out, I would put a wig and makeup on, and do whatever I could to not feel like a cancer patient.” Michelle goes on to say that Selena’s services may bring a small sense of normalcy to those going through treatment.

  • Selena with breast cancer survivor Michelle Wilson.
  • Photo by Travis Cultreri