A Place of Their Own

Updating a Tween Space

When these homeowners decided their daughter needed to transition to a more grown-up space to call her own, they decided a DIY makeover was the way to go. Creating a space where their tween daughter could enjoy hanging out with her friends and also have a space to study was top priority.

"I had already painted the ceiling gold before we began the makeover, so I told my daughter to pick a color from a selection of colors that would coordinate well. Then she gave me carte blanche to decorate," explains the homeowner. 

This space merges both vintage and new with eclectic wall hangings and a modern rug. The desk and dresser were a find while on a shopping trip to the West Bottoms, and the oversized egg chair and accent wall are what makes this room really pop. 

 "I really wanted wallpaper but didn't know if I could do that, and the wallpaper I wanted was fairly expensive," explains the homeowner. "I saw a DIY hand-drawn wall from a blogger, Vintage Revival, and I knew I could pull it off. She had done this wall for her home on a skill level rated easy, so we decided to give it a try."

Armed with a Sharpie paint marker and a ruler, they tackled the project, and six hours later had a beautiful wall that looked like wallpaper but cost about $12. 


Family Tree Nursery has a large selection of easy-care plants to add extra life to this space.


A signature chair like this egg chair from Target is inviting and brings extra character.


Wall decor and table accessories were found at Very Violet Boutique in Lee's Summit, West Bottoms First Fridays shops and local thrift shops.


Adding varying textures for throw pillows and blankets helps add an element of depth and interest to the space.  

To achieve this DIY wall pattern at home, follow these simple steps:


Sharpie paint marker




  • Draw the level lines with a pencil so you can erase it. These lines should be drawn 10 inches apart. Then start marking where you will start the diamonds by marking right against the wall seven inches. From there measure every 14 inches.

  • On the second line, start at the wall and measure 14 inches and continue every 14 inches until you reach the end of the wall. This will start the diamond pattern.

  • From the corner of the diamond, mark two inches in and four inches in, and these will get connected by Sharpie to help make the pattern inside the diamond, or you can always leave just the diamond which also looks great!  

When finished use a magic eraser to get the pencil lines off and voila—a beautiful wall that looks like wallpaper!

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