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A Place to Dwell

Jamie Batson brings earthy, coastal-inspired design trends to Eagle

Article by Ashley Loeb

Photography by Ashley Loeb, Jenn Koch, Jenny Losee

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Since her childhood in Seattle, Washington, Jamie Batson’s had a knack for decorating. Allowed to decorate, rearrange, and design her own space, she developed a taste for “clean looks where items pair well together.”

It wasn’t until 2020, when significant restructuring took place at the location of her corporate finance job, that she decided to see if she could turn her passion for design into a full-time career. In 2021, Dwell Home Co. (1501 E. State Street, Eagle), was the result of Batson’s dream coming true.

“I opened Dwell with zero retail experience and having never been a business owner,” she said. “There have been countless learnings along the way, but the most significant is the value of hiring a great team of people, leveraging their talents, and making sure they feel valued and rewarded for their contributions.” 

Now Dwell has become Batson’s second home, open to all who appreciate nature and creating a warm, inviting space to live. “My motto is ‘cohesive, yet comfortable,” Batson said. Dwell follows suit as an airy, neutral space with abstract landscapes, and a variety of metal, wood, cloth, ceramic, and glass textures.

One of the most important aspects of Batson’s designs is for the house to feel like a home in which families want to dwell, hence the name chosen for the shop. “I enjoy making people happy and I think loving the space you live in can be a big contributor to happiness.” 

Keeping It Trendy

Evolving is key for Batson’s continued success. Batson makes it a point to keep Dwell’s inventory constantly changing. She does this by traveling across the country for new products and design trends. She also listens to her customers and keeps tabs on social media trends to do her best to ensure people can find the key items that will complete their desired home look.

“I source products that I love and would want to have in my own home,” she said. “And I listen for what our customers are wanting. A lot of the newer homes have open shelving, large walls, and tall ceilings. That lends itself to larger art, bigger accent items such as vases, trays and pots, and beautiful accessories for shelf styling.”

Batson has also developed positive relationships with local designers to help connect “their clients with products as well as helping refer our customers to local designers when needed.” 

Design Influences

Batson’s main design influence is her affinity for the Pacific Northwest’s shorelines and mountain regions. Practically, this means she’s drawn towards more earthy green and blue tones and organic shapes.

“My current style is transitional and nature-influenced,” Batson said, and her interpretation of the coastal vibe is far from seashells or nautical themes. Instead, she incorporates her love for a more airy, tranquil oceanside with rattan accents and other items that offer a natural aesthetic, creating a “mountain coastal'' feel.

In Idaho, Batson gets that feeling in Stanley, her favorite spot for a weekend getaway. “I love spending time with my family on the beach and in the mountains,” she said. “The beauty of nature inspires many of the product selections in the shop, from the art we carry, to the greenery options and textures and colors throughout the store.”

Batson also cited interior designer Shea McGee, star of Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover,” as someone she admires, but her design preferences as an adult  are“ based on pieces I’m drawn to and that I think others will like based on current trends.”

Creating Spaces

While Batson enjoys creating an inviting experience in her shop, she also loves going hands-on to help transform empty rooms into true living spaces. When thinking about home design, living rooms and shelf styling stand as Batson’s favorite spaces because “it’s where families spend the most time.” 

One of her fondest memories in the home design experience thus far was with customers who utilized Dwell’s in-home design services. “(The couple) had purchased their home sight-unseen and moved in with very few possessions,” Batson said. “They needed help warming up the space (and) sourcing furniture.” 

Batson said that with her help, the couple’s cozy new space was ready just in time for Christmas. “The joy on their faces was the best!” she said. “We were able to help transform a house into their new home.”

Family Space

As for her own family space, Batson’s home when she’s not at Dwell includes her husband Ryan, her son Jackson, three dogs, and Alfred the chinchilla. Ryan is the reason Batson is in Boise. The couple met in Washington, then moved to Boise six years ago so their family could be closer to his relatives. 

Those relatives help support Dwell as well. Currently, Ryan’s mother, Cindi Pritchett, helps out in the store, and you’ll also find her husband and son in the shop from time to time, assisting Batson and her other team members including Christine Clevenger, Delanie White, and Kobie White.

Following Dreams

“It's funny thinking back on my first two homes and how many different paint colors I experimented with – some were definitely better than others – and how my style has evolved over the years.” Her style still changing with the tides, Batson is ready to expand Dwell’s footprint in Eagle to offer more variety and pieces for every room in the house. 

And with Dwell celebrating its second anniversary soon, Batson now encourages others to follow their own dreams since she’s shown that determination, persistence, and experience can pay off. “Don't wait!” she said. “If you have an idea and something you're passionate about, start taking steps toward your dream and just keep going until you get there.”


Batson's Tips for Shelf Styling

When choosing items for your shelves, you’ll want to consider placement, size, shape, texture & material, and color.

  1. Placement: When placing items on your shelves, try varying the size and arrangement of objects. For example, one shelf may have three complimentary objects grouped together while the next might have just one large centered item or two objects side-by-side with differing heights. We also recommend creating a visual zig-zag pattern with color. For example, you might place a wood bowl stacked atop books on the upper left shelf, a wood tray down and to the right of the bowl, and wood chain links draped over books on the bottom left shelf. Using a zig-zag pattern will create a sense of balance.
  2. Size: Give yourself permission to be brave with larger pieces and use smaller items to complement the larger. Examples of larger items that work well for shelving include tall vases, pottery (with or without stems), vertically placed books, pots with greenery that fills the space, oversized bowls, artwork, and tall candle sticks. Smaller items can add interest and dimension when placed next to larger pieces or sitting atop a stack of books, or in a tray.
  3. Shape: Consider the shapes you’re using and vary them. For example, you might use a rectangular stack of books with rounded marble rings on top or a leaning round tray with a wicker box offset in front of it. Mixing different shapes makes for a visually appealing space.
  4. Texture and Material: Texture is an important and often overlooked key to styling. We suggest incorporating a variety of textures and materials such as wood, glossy or matte finishes, pieces with an aged or distressed appearance, metal, glass, etc.
  5. Color: The neutral palette can be calming and beautiful when used with the above tips. If you choose to incorporate color, we recommend selecting 1-2 colors and weaving them into a few different spaces on your shelves to maintain consistency. This could be as simple as a set of blue sea-glass beads draped over a stack of books on one shelf and on another, a piece of art or a pot with a similar blue tone. Greenery also makes for a great pop of color and helps to bring the outside in.

Allow yourself to play and remember there is no such thing as the ‘right answer’ when it comes to decorating your home. What matters is that it brings YOU joy! 


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