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Taking the fear out of going to the dentist

Unlike most kids, Jared Fox always liked going to the dentist, so when he grew up, he pursued dentistry as a career. “I really liked science, biology and chemistry, so it seemed like a really good fit,” he says. “I also always liked repairing things, and that's pretty much what dentistry is all about.”

In 2014, three years after graduating from dental school, Dr. Fox opened his own practice. Its waiting room is artistic and colorful, and each patient chair faces large windows overlooking beautiful Shunga Park. “It's kind of like you're in a tree house,” says Dr. Fox. 

The family practice offers comprehensive care, which includes everything from cleanings and Invisalign to cosmetic dentistry and in-office whitening. Along with Dr. Fox, his team does a great job of ensuring that patients receive the most up-to-date technology and have a caring and comfortable experience. 

“One thing that really sets us apart is our digital numbing,” he says. “I don't use a traditional syringe, but an electronic syringe. The Wand system also offers computer-controlled flow of the anesthetic in a really comfortable way.”

Adds Dr. Fox, “The biggest change we’ve made is going digital as far as impressions.” The iTero Intraoral Scanner allows for same day crowns and quick fabrications of nightguards, bite splints, aligners and more.

When he isn’t busy with his practice, he loves spending time with his partner, Emily, and his sons, Adam, who will be going into Topeka West High School this fall, and Asher, who will be going into the 5th grade. “We go camping every fall,” says Dr. Fox. “We've gone to Nebraska, Oklahoma, and we’re going to Missouri soon.” 

They also enjoy doing things in Topeka too, such as going to the Topeka Zoo, hiking local trails and walking their three dogs around the neighborhood. “Adam and I like to rollerblade and Shunga Trail is a great path for that,” he says. “Asher and I do Cub Scouts together. I was the den leader this past year, but this coming year I'm going to be the pack leader for his troop.”

The foursome also love bicycling, kayaking, and fishing. “We really just get out and about as much as we can,” says Dr. Fox. “There's always something going on in Topeka. There are lots of great events that we can attend, whether it's going up to NOTO or downtown. They've done such a good job of revitalizing things and it just continues to stay fresh.” 

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