A Rare Antarctic-solar eclipse of the sun adventure awaits..

Spirited travelers voyage to the bottom of the world on an awe inspiring cruise

Exploring the mysterious icy lands of Antarctica has long been a dream destination for explorers and travelers. This December, the Earth's most otherworldly continent will become even more enchanting when a total solar eclipse covers Antarctica.  This occurs when the moon travels directly in front of the sun. A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun is totally hidden by the moon and creates a brief moment of complete darkness. A total solar eclipse can only be seen from specific areas of the earth and eclipse-enthusiasts often travel great distances to get the best view. arkens its frigid lands. It’s a natural phenomenon the continent hasn’t experienced in 400 years, and one that won’t be repeated until 2039.  

Adventure travelers and eclipse enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to find a natural experience as intriguing as an Antarctic solar-eclipse voyage. The continent’s bone-chilling climate, exotic ocean wildlife and bewitching ice formations makes for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“Travel is transformative, and there is no region in the world as awe-inspiring as Antarctica,” said Alberto Aliberti, president of Atlas Ocean Voyages. 

To view a full solar eclipse often requires travel, and this December’s event is no exception. The eclipse won’t be visible from North America. Only those in the southernmost tip of Africa, Antarctica and the Southeastern most part of Australia can view this enchanting spectacle. In a total solar eclipse, the moon covers the face of the sun, creating a fleeting moment of midnight darkness. Stars and planets appear in the sky, the air temperature drops and wildlife goes quiet. 

Those who do make the journey all the way to Antarctica will get front-row seats to this spectacular show. The full eclipse will be visible from Antarctica's most popular cruise routes in the Weddell Sea, across the Antarctic Peninsula and over Union Glacier. For those up to chasing a solar-eclipse at the bottom of the globe, a few options are available. Camping and a pre-dawn flight are a couple of extreme viewing methods, but the most popular way of getting around is by small ships specially-built to navigate the ice-laden waters.

This year, Atlas Ocean Voyages is launching its newest vessel to do just that. The luxury cruise brand takes travelers on adventurous journeys in some of the most remote and sought-after locations in the world. Its newest ship, World Navigator, uses underwater forward-looking sonar to skillfully navigate the polar waters. Its hydro jet propulsion system allows travelers to gently cruise into wildlife-rich Antarctic harbors without disturbing ocean life. Its lookout deck is built on the lowest expedition ship’s bow in the industry and the only one with wraparound heated benches for longer viewing times on deck. The ship is now open for booking late 2021 expeditions.

“The best way to fully experience this unique region is aboard World Navigator, our safe, small, clean and green expedition ship,” Alberto says. 

Among World Navigator’s voyage lineup is a 12-night, round-trip journey from Ushuaia, Argentina on November 28. The journey will bring travellers within perfect view of the December 4 eclipse. Guests will also visit the South Shetland Islands, home to Deception Island, an eerie polar volcano. The collapsed—but still active—volcano is mostly sealed off by high cliffs with the exception of a narrow ocean entrance known as Neptune’s Bellows. Other destinations include Paulet Island and Brown Bluff, a million-year-old volcano that once erupted inside of a glacier.

For those adventurous travelers who want to see an extraordinary natural wonder in one of the world’s most extreme destinations, this trip is not to miss.

Special thanks to Katie Hernandez with Happy Day Getaways by Dream Vacations.  You can learn more about booking your own Antarctica expedition at   



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