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Nasr features a wide selection of watches.

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A real gem

Family shines providing fine jewelry

Nasr Jewelers is the epitome of a true family business. 

Peter Nasr, patriarch of the Nasr family, started the jewelry business before he came to the U.S. He was born and lived in Lebanon until the mid-1980s. Then his great aunt traveled to the U.S. as a nurse, and one by one, members of the Nasr family made their way overseas for a better life. 

Peter and his brothers embarked on a family dynasty of creating and designing beautifully handcrafted jewelry. Combined, they have five jewelry stores in the Metroplex.

What started as a family business is passing to the next generation, with Peter’s children at the helm. Andrew is finishing his degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Enterprise and Real Estate. At 23, he’s on the fast track to accomplishing a lot for himself and his family. He’s GIA certified and poised to eventually lead Nasr Jewelers along with his older sister, Sarah and younger sister Alexis. 

Since 2005, all three of them have been a part of the growth of the store. Now as adults, they all play integral parts of the business, with Andrew leading the main business. 

Sarah is behind the scenes, utilizing her CAD skills to create custom designed rings. Alexis fills the role of helping customers in the store and working with other employees to learn about the jewelry they sell. 

What makes Nasr Jewelers special is that they are all about family, not just their own. They treat each customer as family, going out of their way to make each customer feel unique and special. Whether that’s delivering to a client’s home or even picking it up for them, their approach to customer service is going above and beyond what you’d find at a traditional jewelry store. 

Their store has stood the test of time, through ups and downs. Now with the next generation standing strong to take Nasr far into the future nurturing their community with exceptional products and service. 

“We’re the face behind the name,” said Peter and Andrew Nasr.

  • Peter and Andrew Nasr show off their men's watch collection.
  • Nasr features a wide selection of watches.