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A Florist's Palette

Anaheim Hills Florist Carol Dolan shares her passion for floral design inspired by nature and her clients.

Each flower is unique, and in the hands of a passionate, artistic floral designer, the arranged outcome can be magical. Carol Dolan expresses her distinct privilege to ‘paint’ floral arrangements into works of art that mesh with life events such as births, weddings, achievements, and holidays. Her passion for flowers started with her first job and continues to this day as a designer, event specialist, and floral entrepreneur.

The florist’s palette is as varied as nature itself, so asking about her favorite flower might seem an impossible question. “I had the opportunity to design in Hawaii, so I really enjoy working with tropical flowers,” says Carol. “The vibrant colors and elegant shapes are like a blank canvas, and they always make a distinct statement. The elegance of the long-stem red rose pairs beautifully with splashes of Stargazer or Asiatic Lily resulting in a beauty only Mother Nature can create-- with a little assistance from our talented team of designers, of course.”

Some amazing creations come from custom orders based on a favorite fragrance or aesthetic, and succulent arrangements inspired by Southern California’s beautiful desert regions are also popular for their longevity. “It’s always a joy talking with clients. Most of our patrons have ‘that particular flower type’ that they just love, and we design around that flower with other various flowers and greens.”

This month Anaheim Hills Florist celebrates their third year delivering ‘Love Arrangements’ to Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, and surrounding areas. To talk with a florist or to place an order for any occasion, visit