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A Restaurant On Wheels

Plan A Dinner or Event and Have the Venue Come to You

Mixing one part ingenuity, and two parts creativity, chef David Leathers has found a "recipe" for a fantastic dining experience. Dining in a restaurant is great, but what if you could have the restaurant come to you? Since 2020, culinary school-trained chef, David Leathers, has made this possible. Foodsmith is a mobile “Chef Trailer,” he explains, with the kitchen working exclusively for one table. So bring a bottle or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage and get ready for a unique experience with delicious food in a fun atmosphere!

Tell us about the quality of the food used in every dish.
A high percentage of my menu is sourced from local farms in Middle Tennessee. I allow the farm-fresh ingredients to inspire my menu and my heritage shows through by taking what I love about Southern cooking and creating a modern twist to it.
Foodsmith’s evolving menu allows me the freedom to create while staying true to a simplistic approach to food. Why complicate food? Food has a story to tell…it’s all about the experience and connecting people and food together.

Can Foodsmith cater to all tastes and dietary preferences?
Yes. I am able to meet dietary and allergy restrictions. After discussing the restrictions in the initial consultation, my guests allow me creative freedom to design around what I can source locally that week.

Please share some of the dishes you have prepared for guests in the past.
What seems to be a guest favorite at the moment is the braised pork tamale wrapped in a pickled collard green with a smoky broth.
I wanted to pay homage to the tamale but with a creative twist while using locally-sourced ingredients. What makes it different is because the collard is edible, so the whole tamale can be eaten unlike the traditional version wrapped in a corn husk.

What is the minimum and maximum number of guests?

There is no minimum number of guests, but I require a certain fee to book an evening. The maximum number of guests in the trailer is 13.

How long do dinners usually last, or does it vary greatly depending on the event?
Full dinner service from start to finish takes about two to three hours, but it totally depends on the guests and event.

What events have you hosted in the trailer?
The majority of the dinners are hosted at a residence, right in their driveway, but I have also hosted farm-to-table dinners, bourbon tastings, birthdays, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, album release parties and meals on tours and sets.

How can someone book a dinner?
Email with your information and I’ll be in touch. Follow me on Instagram @foodsmithnashville.