A Revolutionary Exercise

Looking for a new way to be fit? Fast and easy: HOTWORX offers a hot new option!

New Year’s resolution: become a healthier you! You toss the chips and soda, opt for grilled foods, and even consider creating a workout routine. You think, “I haven’t been active in years.” Or perhaps you wonder, “Where would I even start?”

Owners Jen and Tom Luft at Media’s HOTWORX welcome people of all fitness levels who are looking for ways to improve their strength and overall well-being. Jen stated that while “the whole torching calories and losing weight” part of working out is great, HOTWORX helps people through pain relief too.

HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program within healing infrared saunas. The heat raises your core body temperature while the infrared energy strengthens and activates the regenerative processes in the body, speeding up workout recovery.

There are two forms of workouts that can be done inside the HOTWORX infrared saunas: Isometrics (such as Yoga and Pilates) and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions (such as cycling and rowing). “The Isometrics are 30 minutes long, and HIITs are 15 minutes,” said Jen, “You’re burning close to 300 calories in just 15 minutes because of the infrared energy.”

Jen, who played softball in college and active her whole life, suffered a back injury that worsened. Jen couldn’t keep up with her active lifestyle and became unhappy. Visiting her sister-in-law in Oklahoma, Jen was invited to a HOTWORX guest session.

“I have chronic back issues from an injury in college. I couldn’t really keep up with what I was used to doing exercise-wise because of that pain. So this,” said Jen, in reference to her session, “didn’t cause me any pain. It actually helped relieve my pain.”

It was then that Jen and Tom decided they would get their license to franchise with HOTWORX. “We try to provide a VIP club experience,” said Tom. “We’re constantly doing promotions inside the studio, giveaways, and raffles for our members. We try to take care of our members’ every need.”

Tom also mentioned the pain relief HOTWORX brings him. “I also have back issues from the Navy because I’ve flown…4000 hours for [them]. That takes a toll on your back, so [the sessions] help me as well,” said Tom. “We’re able to bring this concept to our community of Media and help other people with sleep and pain issues.”

Outside of staff hours, members receive 24/7 access to the studio via a unique PIN code. Soon, HOTWORX will be Bluetooth enabled, meaning even faster entry.

Each sauna has three televised virtual instructors who provide normal, modified, and advanced workout routines for people of all fitness and skill levels, encouraging people to go at their own pace. New instructional videos are also offered year-round.

Since its national inception in 2017, the company has never seen an issue with the infrared heat.  Tom added, “That being said, there is a help button installed on the wall. So a member… can push the button and get medical services.”  Jen also stressed the importance of hydration. “We remind people all the time, ‘make sure you’re hydrating’, and not just drinking a glass of water right before you come in, or the day prior.” It takes a few sessions to become acclimated to the heat, so each room also has an adjustable temperature option.

Nationally, HOTWORX generally sees a younger demographic, with the average age being mid-20s. HOTWORX Media, however, sees many members from the mid-40s to early 50s and 60s.

“Our oldest member is 71!” Jen said with a smile. She attributed this to HOTWORX being more than just a gym for weight loss. “We have people who go to physical therapy and have never seen results. Then they started coming in and doing their physical therapy in the saunas and it accelerated their healing astronomically.”

“It’s all these other health benefits that really appealed to me,” said Jen, “so I wanted to bring it to my hometown, Media.”

"All these health benefits really appealed to me to bring to Media."

"The infrared energy actually helped relieve my pain."

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