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Blue Heron Nature Preserve

What began with a local schoolteacher who was concerned that new development posed a threat to the exceptional raw wilderness that her neighborhood contained... eventually became a sanctuary for local flora and fauna. Nancy Jones worked with the North Buckhead Civic Association and successfully negotiated an initial 7-acre swath of floodplain to be set aside to create Blue Heron Nature Preserve.  Twenty-four years later, Blue Heron Nature Preserve is now a 30-acre, thriving natural feature of BuckHaven.

There are four distinct ecosystems within the Preserve: meadow, woodland, wetland, and riparian – which is especially remarkable in an urban setting. When all you hear is birdsong and the sound of your own footsteps, it’s easy to forget that the hustle and bustle of Lenox Square is a mile away.

The nonprofit managing the Preserve oversees conservation efforts, promotes education, and integrates the arts, encouraging visitors to create a personal experience with nature. Its offerings are as dynamic as the land it serves – from Volunteer Saturdays and community gardening to kids’ camps and the Art of Nature. The Preserve is celebrating its 10th year with installations from Atlanta artists, curated by the 2024 Artist-in-Residence Dorothy O’Connor, that dot the Blueway Trail for visitors to enjoy anytime the park is open.   

Volunteer Saturday is held in the morning on the first Saturday of the month.

Projects vary from gardening, invasive removal, tree survey, trail maintenance, creek clean-up, painting, etc. All four ecosystems are addressed over time and you will walk away learning something new. Once a month an email will go out to those who sign up to the right with the objective for that month. This month, meet other volunteers on July 15, 5:00 am - 7:00 am.

Or,  join as a supporter of the Blue Heron Stewards Program.  Your stewardship will enhance our summer camps, offer environmental education opportunities to the underserved in the community, and initiate conservation projects.  This program will provide the urgent and necessary support to continue to face new challenges and work closely with partners in the environmental family to bring more vibrant activities to the Preserve.

Bring your camera and binoculars, hiking boots and water shoes, kids, dogs, and picnics. This stunning urban oasis is yours to explore, and to spread your wings.

The Preserve is celebrating its 10th year with installations from Atlanta artists curated by the 2024 Artist-in-Residence Dorothy O’Connor

  • . Art of Nature 2024 – mural by Diana Toma on the Blueway Trail