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Disc Golf Hits a Hole-in-One in Arvada

Another Round Disc Golf brings people together for fun and encouragement

Article by Allison Bankston

Photography by Sean McNeil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

The sense of community is strong in the disc golf realm, along with the desire to see each other do well. Jason Knowles is the owner of Another Round Disc Golf in Arvada, and he's worked hard to foster an environment in which seasoned players help newbies learn and grow their skills.

In disc golf, players throw a polypropylene disc toward a wire basket with hanging chains designed to catch the discs. The game follows similar rules to traditional golf. It's for all ages, and beginners and casual players tend to have the “right of way,” with league players making sure everyone gets to enjoy the game. There are quite a few disc golf courses in and around Arvada, all free to use and run by municipalities, and there are private courses in the mountains ranging from $5-12 for a full day/18+ holes. 

“A lot of people who get into disc golf are brought into it by a friend,” says Jason. “Very few people discover it on their own.

Another Round Disc Golf takes great pride in being a place people can just hang out and learn more about the sport. There's a taproom right in the shop, so you can practice some basic moves, check out the gear, and talk to seasoned players to compare techniques and get encouragement.

The overall attitude of the sport is a lot like the Ninja Warrior mentality, in which the players aren't just about besting each other. They're trying to beat the game or the course, and when someone does extremely well, that win is celebrated by everyone.

If you want to play at a local course, you don't have to schedule a time or reserve space at most locations. It's all very easy and inclusive. “The barriers to getting started as so low,” says Jason. “You can spend as little as $20 buying your first disc and then just go play.”

A lot of times when you go to courses, you'll find people arriving alone, initially, and they'll connect with other individuals and play together. “It's a great way to make new friends.” Jason says it's for all ages, too. “I see these amazing men in their 70s playing disc golf and staying fit. It's so good for your joints and your spirit. I hope to still be playing at that point in my life. It's inspiring.”

Like any sport, you can spend a lot of money on high-end gear. Top-of-the-line bags to carry all your discs and accessories can run over $250. There are pricey collector's edition discs with unique artwork, too, and for some, the discs become décor. Jason has about 200 discs on display at his home.

June 4 was the one year anniversary of Another Round Disc Golf in Arvada, and the store has seen consistent growth. “People are loving the sport and responding to what we're trying to do--which is all about the experience.” Jason says he really believes if you come hang out in his store and taproom, you will become a better player. “I just want people to have more fun.” He encourages everyone to give disc golf a try. “Worst case scenario, you're throwing a frisbee to see where you're going to walk next, so it's a walk in the park with your friends.”

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