A Spring Kind Of Clean

Key secrets for a sparkling home

Kim Brown, owner of Merry Maids Augusta, shares pro tips to help you maximize the impact of Spring Cleaning your home.

Tip #1 Freshen up the Kitchen

A fresh, clean kitchen impacts the entire home. To freshen up the sink, Kim says, "Run hot water while pouring in equal parts of baking soda and white vinegar through the disposal. Follow with a few drops of blue Dawn Dishwashing soap to cut away any grease buildup. Sharpen the disposal blades by running cooler water and ice through it. For a fresh smell, grind a few slices of lemon, lime or orange, removing any seeds first.”

To clean everything else in the kitchen, including counters and stainless-steel appliances, use a microfiber cloth and a solution of 2-3 drops of Dawn mixed with water.

Tip #2 Spruce up the Living Room

The living room also deserves special attention. Kim says, “Start by pulling furniture away from the walls, vacuuming and dusting behind it. Make sure you dust air vents as well. Then, pull all of the furniture cushions off to vacuum underneath and in crevices. It’s always good to rotate and fluff cushions too.” 

To banish dust from your furniture, Kim suggests using a good microfiber cloth that is slightly damp instead of furniture polish, which can leave a build-up on furniture that actually attracts dust. 

Tip #3 Brighten up Windows

Brighten up your whole home by intentionally focusing on the windows. “Homeowners often forget about the inside of the window,” says Kim. “They dust the blinds or the shutters, but when the blinds are pulled up, the windows often have dust or a film on them.” Kim suggests cleaning the inside of the windows on a cloudy day to reduce streaks. “A good glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth works really well. If you still have streaks, try using a little bit of rubbing alcohol.”

Merry Maids of Augusta has been recognized by its parent company as one of the Top 10 franchise locations in the U.S. and would be happy to help you prep your home for Masters week or for your own enjoyment. Owner Kim Brown says, “Our service is one that people can rely on. We have a service guarantee, and we work very hard to make sure each customer is satisfied every time.”

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