A Spring Refresh

Granite Source of Michigan can provide you the look you desire in just a couple weeks.

Catalin Vinteler and his team at Granite Source of Michigan pride themselves on being a leader in installation of natural stone, offering a wide range of products related to natural stone fabrication. If you’re in the process of building or remodeling your home this spring and looking for a local and affordable business to install granite, marble, soapstone, limestone or travertine, check out Granite Source of Michigan, which is located in nearby Southfield. 

In addition to offering customers the highest quality of craftsmanship, Production Manager George Matei said what makes Granite Source of Michigan stand out from competitors is their unique material selection and top-notch customer service. 

“We get our material from Brazil, India, Mexico and more, so we can create surfaces that no one else has in Michigan,” Matei explained. “We also offer a one-year warranty but will often stretch it beyond that as we aren’t going anywhere. We’re here to stay.”

Their process is simple: first, people are invited to visit and explore their showroom, located at 26530 W. Eight Mile, during their hours of operation and meet with a team member, who will guide them through each step. “We present them with options and samples, directing them towards new trends,” Matei said. “Next, we’ll measure the job, and within about two weeks, countertops will be in their home.” 

After the job is over, the team often passes on their scrap material to David Popp of EcoGranite, one of the first granite recyclers in the US and the first in the Midwest. Vinteler had approached Popp in 2008 as so much granite was being thrown out. EcoGranite helps take care of the problem by converting the leftovers into glamorous patios, driveways, thin veneer and many other products. 

“My wife always says that she’d rather our kids be climbing mountains than landfills, and that’s exactly what we’re working towards as we make stuff out of the stone that would normally go in a landfill,” Popp explained.

For more information on Granite Source of Michigan’s process and what the team can offer customers, visit granitesourceofmichigan.com or call (248)-982-9103.

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