Man of Steel

Matt Reidhead is the owner of Steel and Stone

The word 'steel' comes from a Germanic word meaning 'standing firm'. However, Matt Reidhead, founder and owner of Steel and Stone, calls it his passion. Matt is speaking about metal fabrication and welding. His company creates sleek, modern steel and glass doors, range hoods that are stylish focal points, and furniture. Matt loves that he can manipulate and shape steel to create one-of-a-kind pieces for his clients. 

Matt has always been drawn to building and working with his hands from a young age. He was fascinated by his dad's power tools and while his peers were busy playing video games, he preferred being outdoors building things such as skateboard ramps and forts. He started his career in welding at a sign company, and while that provided some on-the-job training, it did not spark a deep interest in him. It was around the age of 17 that Matt said he fell into a rebellious phase and began partying frequently. Eventually, this led to a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. He describes this time as feeling 'hopeless and lost'.

After many failed attempts to get clean on his own, it was only through 'divine intervention' that he got into treatment. It became important to keep his mind and his hands busy along with his daily program of recovery. Saving up enough funds he invested in a welder and began tinkering around in the garage, shaping small pieces of furniture for family and friends. After his day job in construction, all of his free time went into creating the company Steel and Stone in 2010, when he was just 22. Finally, after 9 years he decided it was time to make the leap and do what he loved full-time. He describes slowly building his company and reputation over the next few years and says he 'feels truly blessed to be doing what I love'. 

Welding and fabrication work is hard, but Matt insists it's worth it. He has built up a satisfied clientele and estimates that he and his team have built in excess of 600 custom projects in the valley and across the country. Together with his team of talented fabricators (whom he could not do without), they have a reputation for quality craftsmanship and detail. The influences in style are both modern and yet have a touch of old-world elegance. His doors let in light with a simplicity that belies their sturdiness. Matt says his favorite part of the process is the stage when a design is lifted from the page and actually takes shape, coming to life before his eyes. It is clear that Matt views his designs as not merely functional but as works of art within the home. 'Steel, in my opinion, is a lot more accessible, it's a product from which you can build just about anything you can think up.' he says. As a result, Matt's company is both passion and purpose in one, not unlike the man himself.

'Steel, in my opinion, is a lot more accessible, it's a product from which you can build just about anything you can think up.'

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