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Trendy staircase styles

Jennifer Metzger, owner of Fine Design Interiors in Topeka, has been in the business for over 25 years. Although she’s been very busy with kitchen and bath designs lately, she is also an expert when it comes to all types of flooring, including those on staircases.  

Here, she describes three looks that are currently trending:

1.     This carpet is a tight-looped weave, which wears really well for stairs. Since it’s a runner, you have the wood caps on either side, which is a popular look.

2.     Here, they used wall-to-wall carpeting with a pattern. When there’s a wall on either side, carpets tend to go all the way across. The majority of stairs going down into a basement look like this. Often, people will put down a tone-on-tone pattern that might blend with another, more plush carpet, in the basement. This short-napped design wears much better on stairs than plush.

3.     This is a really nice look. Wood wears awesome on stairs because it’s not going to get matted down; it’s not going to crush. You get the best wear for your stairs with just wood, and cleaning is also easier. However, although the all-wood look is beautiful, the downfall is that stairs can be loud and slick.

For more ideas on staircases and other designs, visit finedesigninteriorsks.com.

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