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A Summer Filled with Air

Visit Bubble Planet

Did you know that a new planet has just been discovered?  Yup, right here in Denver! It’s time to explore the colorful and surreal Bubble Planet! Bubble planet is made up of eleven fantastical landscapes created and designed to appeal to all five senses.  This immersive experience uses VR technology, flight simulations, and illusions to transport visitors to another world.  It is so much fun for both kids and adults alike…think date night or weekend, family excursion! The surrealistic Bubble Planet is an adventure that will take you through an underwater world, let you bounce on giant clouds, take a dip in an ocean of living bubbles, embark in a hot air balloon simulation, and so much more!

You have to visit the newest planet for yourself at Exhibition Hub Art Center Denver

3900 Elati Street, Denver

More information at or @bubbleplanetexperience