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A Survivor Speaks

Voices Hope to Eradicate Human Trafficking Both in Central Oregon and Across the World

Andi Buerger, JD, founder of nonprofit Voices Against Trafficking (Voices), has a passion for helping those who have been trafficked. She can well understand their devastating ordeals since she experienced them herself.  “My voice as a survivor is important and has some influence, but what if we had more voices?” she says. “That's the idea behind Voices Against Trafficking.”

While Voices is a national and international presence, it’s heavily vested with a regional presence here in Central Oregon since its inception in January 2020. “We're not political or religious,” says Andi. “We’re a human rights organization focused on getting the best information, the best ideas, and the best strategies out there to combat trafficking in our neighborhoods.”

Voices produces and creates free international anti-trafficking forums every quarter, which can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. “We discuss how to divert predators and provide greater awareness, prevention, and education,” she says. Andi also just published a book, Voices Against Trafficking - The Strength of Many Voices Speaking as One as another tool for awareness, prevention, education and to inspire action. Currently, the nonprofit has a campaign seeking donations to get the book to each member of Congress, every governor, and every attorney general.  Another way to help is to visit the Voices Against Trafficking website and click on “Add My Voice.” “Anybody anywhere in the world can add their voice to our roster for free,” says Andi. “We want to get one million names by the end of summer 2023. We can then take those names and continue to influence legislation against trafficking.” The community can support Voices by joining one of its memberships to help keep its programs going, which is critical. “One of the other reasons I speak and do interviews is because I want people to know there's hope,” she says. “If someone like me can make it, then really anyone can.”

If you need help for yourself or others, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

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