A Sweet Fix

Treat Yourself And Others This Holiday Season And All Year-Round

Sara Hardenbergh grew up in a little town about an hour away from Birmingham, Alabama, and she and her family would often drive there to buy cookies. These were not just any cookies. These were Cookie Fix cookies, baked fresh every day and filled with all kinds of sweet and fun extras.

“I remember the first time we went in - just the smell alone got us hooked,” she says. “We would have to wait in line, which sometimes was outside of the store.” It was worth the wait, though.

When she and her husband, David, moved to Berry Farms in Franklin two years ago, Sara was walking around town and knew there was one thing missing - a Cookie Fix. “Downtown Franklin is so beautiful, sweet and family oriented. Cookie Fix was created out of love and caring for and sharing its cookies with others, and I knew everyone here would absolutely love them too. Plus, I didn’t want to live in a place that didn’t have a Cookie Fix.”

They were able to connect with Amy Jason, who founded Cookie Fix in 2016, and she, too, absolutely fell in love with Franklin and felt that it would be a perfect location for its second franchise. In October, Sara and David opened their own store. “We have a quaint little location - it's beautiful, it's bright, it's open, and the smell, of course, is amazing,” says Sara. Even before it opened, passersby would stare in the window and open the door to ask when they were opening. They would also get phone calls and emails every day from people saying they heard how good the cookies are and how excited they were for the opening.

Cookies are baked fresh all day long, so chances are good that someone walking in will get a warm delicious cookie right out of the oven. “Our cookies are crispy on the outside and thick and gooey on the inside, and we only use fresh premium ingredients, so it's always a fresh cookie coming straight to your mouth.”

There are a total of 80 different cookies and the store has 13 flavors available every day, including its popular Milk Chocolate Chip and its healthy Peanut Butter Cookie, which Sara calls “phenomenal.” Her personal favorite is Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel.

Other incredible varieties include Brown Sugar Blondie with white chocolate chips, and the Blondie Crunch with white chocolate chips, Heath bits, pretzels, and sea salt. “Most of our cookies have a twist of sea salt on top, which really adds to the flavor,” says Sara.

Another popular offering is frozen cookie dough, which allows cookie lovers to bake their favorites right at home, any time they want them, in just eight minutes. Cookies, frozen dough, and mixes can also be ordered online, and there are some great recipes to be found there too.

Sara is so happy the store was able to open before the holiday season since the cookies also make great gifts. “We like to say we are Santa’s favorite cookie, and we have holiday mixes so kids can make their own cookies for Santa.”

There are many special holiday cookies coming right out of the oven. “We have every Christmas cookie imaginable, such as peppermint, sugar cookies, ginger molasses, and Santa’s Bag, which has Christmas sprinkles, marshmallows and lots of fun ingredients,” she says. Its Milly Gingerbread Cookie is one of its top sellers. “It is the best gingerbread cookie you'll ever have in
your life.”

“I’m really excited to bring the best cookies on earth to Franklin and for everyone to get to try them and feel the love and the happiness that they bring,” she says. “We are also really looking forward to meeting everyone who comes in. It’s just been a blessing from God to be able to have this opportunity.”

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