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Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory

Roswell's chocolate go-to just got a little sweeter

Article by Valerie Shepherd

Photography by Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory

Originally published in Roswell City Lifestyle

There’s a reason why Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory, the oldest of its kind in Atlanta, is the go-to for any chocolate lover. Although you won’t find any Oompa Loompa’s at its Roswell location, you will find sought-after chocolate creations and a boy named Charlie… as well as his mother Christy, father Joe, and sister Laurie. 

A family-run business with a rich four-decade-long history, Chamberlain's is more than a chocolatier; it's a testament to the passion and dedication to crafting exquisite chocolate creations. And they’ve added allergen-friendly and vegan products, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their delectable treats.

The Purpose Behind the Passion

From hand-made truffles to personalized chocolate gifts for every occasion, Chamberlain's is a masterclass in chocolate artistry and how to make sweets that much sweeter, even for those with allergens. Owner Christy recalls when she first discovered that her daughter Laurie had several major life-threatening allergies. It pretty much ruled out being able to eat out as a family for fear of cross-contamination, especially when it came to sweet treats. Having to prepare all the food for her family at home due to the seriousness of her daughter's allergies, Christy remembers, “At some point, you can’t just keep making food you can eat. You learn how to make food you want to eat.”

In 2022, the family took matters into their own hands and purchased Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory to create what they wished they had: a place where the whole family could eat exceptional creations, without having to worry about allergens and to offer this joy of chocolate to others as well.

Thinking Outside the Chocolate Box

Offering a mix of hand-created, tried and true, as well as seasonal favorites, everything at Chamberlain's is a labor of love - especially daughter Laurie’s handmade allergy-friendly treats that often sell out, quickly!

For those seeking more than just a taste, Chamberlain's expanded its space and opened its doors to provide a world of interactive chocolate experiences. Knowing that everyone loves chocolate, but not everyone knows its deep history, Joe and Christy decided to share their passion, knowledge, and know-how of chocolate. From birthday parties to "Make Your Own Chocolate Bar" classes and adult chocolate-making events with BYOB options, there's something for everyone. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of chocolate-making and to create delectable delights under the guidance of experts.

Beyond traditional offerings, Chamberlain's is known for its fresh fruit bouquets and succulent chocolate-covered strawberries, as well as custom and corporate orders. According to Christy, just about any logo or graphic can be designed into an edible creation. No matter whether the order is big or small, they whip up one-of-a-kind creations sure to delight any sweet tooth.

The Celebrations Keep Growing

With all of their recent success, in 2024 Chamberlain's will be expanding and opening a breakfast and lunch café. With each dish being freshly prepared separately, the joy of eating out together whether you have an allergy or not, will be that much sweeter.

Step into the enchanting world of Chamberlain’s, where every creation is a celebration of the art and magic of chocolate-making. Whether you’re just popping in to take home some of your favorite treats, or hosting a birthday party, field trip, corporate or private chocolate-making event, Chamberlain’s offers something for chocolate lovers of all ages.

Chamberlain's expanded its space and opened its doors to provide a world of interactive chocolate experiences.

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