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A Threshold to Behold

Create an entrance that will even have Santa using the door and not the chimney.

Create an instant holiday vibe even before you walk through the door. Brandie DiCosmo and Rachelle Imlay of Sonoran Dreams put together these three stunning looks for the front door of Hagen Farms's Victorian-styled farmhouse in Queen Creek. Brandie advises that you pick out a clear design, drawing inspiration from a photo or image. Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of greenery. Repurpose items from around the house and intermix new and old. 

Merry & Bright

Flocked greenery and lots of bright colors set this look apart. The use of wrapped gifts, ornaments and bows creates a whimsical and childlike atmosphere. Brandie says it's 'almost as if you are walking right into Santa’s workshop.' 

Modern Farmhouse

This look comes together with realistic greenery and a few simple decorations. The large vintage cowbells are a signature item. This is a festive yet timeless look. The colors are more subdued but the warmth and spirit of the holiday are retained.

Classic Christmas

This cozy look mixes vintage with newer items, and plenty of greenery. The use of plaids, decorative pillows, and classic Christmas colors incorporate a more traditional approach.

  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Merry & Bright
  • Classic Christmas