A Time to Celebrate

Judy Zaffuto helps you enjoy a stress free party planning experience.

Whatcha Need Planning is a local event provider run by Judy Zaffuto that coordinates and plans events for milestone life celebrations. In operation for a year now, she takes care of the details, leaving the host more time to be a guest at their own event. Today, Zaffuto is a certified Event Planner, but she actually began in the dental field. She made a shift to Human Relations and Office Management which included planning conferences and corporate events.

Yet, Zaffuto can trace her interest in event planning back to when she was 17 when she organized and hosted her older sister's baby shower. Her attention to detail was apparent even then, creating custom-made water bottles and Hershey candy wrappers. Zaffuto's passion lies in creating a personalized experience for her client. She begins by taking the client's vision and adding some creativity but working within the budget provided. While the challenges and the creativity involved in her line of work are many, Zaffuto gravitates especially to one aspect of the job in particular. She says, 'My favorite part is executing the event itself. It’s so satisfying knowing you helped a group of people, couples, or a person to have the event of their life. I love that I have a direct means to create an experience for people and facilitate an event that will be a life-long memory of theirs.'

She quickly follows this with her least favorite and that is saying goodbye to her clients, 'It’s like a breakup.' she claims. Certainly, after working so closely with people and on perhaps the biggest day of their lives, you couldn't blame Zaffuto for putting her heart into what she does. When it comes to planning any party, Zaffuto places her client at the center of all she does. She is adamant that it be a 'personalized' experience, providing unique and custom-made details that honor their experience. As a result, no two events are alike.

Zaffuto's knowledge of event planning means she understands the pitfalls people often make when it comes to their own get-togethers. She recommends that you should avoid trying to do it all on your own. Secondly, have a budget in mind so you don't overspend. Finally, she suggests as the host or hostess you should focus on the 'why' you are celebrating and not as much on the look of the event.

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