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A Timeless Journey of Glamour and Inspiration

Gucci's global brand ambassador Jungjae Lee is the star of their latest Gucci Valigeria campaign.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Photography courtesy of Gucci

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

In the Gucci Valigeria campaign's second chapter, actor Jungjae Lee explores the roots of the House at The Savoy, a historic London hotel. A young Guccio Gucci, working as a porter, found inspiration in the international jet set, leading him to establish his own luggage atelier in Florence. Jungjae Lee showcases the House's 102-year evolution, photographed by The Savoy's iconic marquee and within the Gucci-furnished Royal Suite. The campaign highlights the enduring narrative in the Gucci Valigeria collection.

Gucci's luggage has always been more than just containers; they ignited the House's creative spark. Guccio Gucci's encounter with fine leather suitcases while at The Savoy inspired him to open a leather goods shop in 1921, specializing in 'valigeria Inglese'—English luggage. Today, the Gucci Valigeria collection features a blend of heritage and innovation, including the Gucci Savoy line with GG monogram and Web designs and the Gucci Porter line—a collaboration with FPM Milano—showcasing GG monogram and Web-embellished aluminum travel pieces like the Bank trolley.

The House's luggage legacy comes alive in the new permanent Gucci Valigeria boutique at 229 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. The boutique exudes the elegance of vintage railway carriages, presenting a curated selection from the travel collection.

Explore the timeless allure of Gucci Valigeria, where the journey of glamor and inspiration awaits every traveler.


2023 Collection

The collection features a variety of designs from duffles to trolleys, hat boxes to jewelry cases, and even steamer trunks.

Modern Traveler

Catering to the needs of the modern traveler, there is also the aluminum hard-sided Gucci Porter line, which includes Bank trolleys and vanity cases created in collaboration with Italian luxury luggage-maker FPM Milano. 

Gucci's wide-ranging collection comprises items for every travel need, designed to be used now and for many years to come—a constant in the ever-infinite search for the unexpected.