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Whole Body Approach to Skincare

How SKINriched Aesthetics + Wellness is changing the face of skincare

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Amber G Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Skincare and overall wellness are two important areas that may not have always been thought of as relatable to each other. In the health and beauty world, traditionally providers (and patients as a result) would tend to focus on one over the other. However, as best practices change and the industry evolves, so do the methods, modalities and focuses of those leaders in the space. 

Hayley Sechler, owner of SKINriched Aesthetics + Wellness, is one of those local providers who has helped transform the traditional way of thinking to be able to form a complete and total lifestyle/wellness plan of action for her patients. “While working in traditional offices, I saw a disconnect and a gap in treatment methods. Patients would come in for a prescription but there was rarely any conversation regarding lifestyle, hormones, nutrition and stress,” recalls Hayley. She knew there had to be a better way to skincare and overall healthcare. 

Hayley is an Auburn graduate with her undergraduate degree in nutritional science. She completed her Master’s at the University of Kentucky while attending P.A. school. As a physician’s assistant, she returned to the area and put down roots with her husband (originally from White House) and knew there was a need in the area for a different approach to skincare. It was from there that SKINriched Clinic was born. 

Taking a complete, holistic, whole body approach rather than just treating a symptom is where her passion lies. Hayley says, “when you come see me, your treatment is more than just a prescription. It’s looking at your skincare concerns from all angles.” Looking into and analyzing someone’s lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress and hormones play an important role.

Understanding those initial factors is the first step to helping Hayley develop a plan for her patients. Another benefit to Hayley’s whole body and tailored approach is that in addition to offering traditional skin care treatments, injectables and product lines, she uses her training and expertise to develop and formulate her own skincare products based on needs and best practices for her patients. Hayley describes her process for product development: “First, I want to make sure the science and efficacy is there for a product and ingredient list. Second, I try to keep things reasonably priced so you don’t have to stress about having an effective skincare lineup. Third, cutting out the unnecessary fillers and fragrances to prevent irritation. And, fourth is patient feedback, as I try to make sure whoever is using my products is seeing results and loving it!”

SKINriched prides itself on striking that perfect balance between cosmetic dermatology, aesthetics and total body wellness and everyone’s journey is different. For Hayley, finding that balance and seeing personalized results makes her own journey and the opening of SKINriched totally worth it. She says, “my absolute favorite is hearing from a patient that they’re loving their results and have found their confidence again. That means so much to me!”

In business, making a difference and seeing growth is great confirmation that what you are doing is working and for SKINriched, they’re no exception. What’s on the horizon? “We have some very exciting things planned for the future! New treatments, additional skincare products and plans to expand our team and location soon–stay tuned,” says Hayley.  

Cosmetic dermatology, aesthetics and total body wellness are all difficult pillars to master. But for Hayley and SKINriched, a harmonious balance between all three has been struck and the personalized impact on individualized care is a unique and beautiful thing.