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A Trailhead Journey of Giving Back

Dr. J.D. Shadburne shares his love of exploration and giving back to the community

Article by Scott Bell

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

A trailhead is a point at which a path begins. It's where information is shared, where people come together and where an adventure unfolds. Hikers and adventure goers know how important a trailhead is, as it is, by definition, the beginning of a journey. Embarking on his own journey in opening Gallatin's newest, specialized, pediatric dental office, Dr. J.D. Shadburne could think of no better name or way to describe his new office than in the same manner--Trailhead Pediatric Dentistry.

For Dr. Shadburne, there is a lot in a name and adventuring has long been a passion. He, along with his wife Sarah, and now with their two children (Isla, 2, and Tate, born March 2022), has a goal of visiting all 63 National Parks. Dr. Shadburne says his love for hiking and exploring came while hiking Mount Leconte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the first time. "I was blown away by the sound of the streams, the overlooks and the friendly hiker culture," remembers Dr. Shadburne. To date, the Shadburne family has made it to 14 of the 63 National Parks and they continue to make memories with each trip.

In April, Trailhead Pediatric Dentistry officially opens its doors in Gallatin. The office itself is a unique and inspiring space with everything geared toward the ultimate experience for pediatric patients. The office is immersive with blue skies and an actual trail on
the floor. There are log cabin treatment rooms and a “off road” room where
patients can sit in a Jeep for their cleaning and exam! There is even a room with over 1000 LED lights installed in the ceiling to make it feel like you are camping under the stars. Dr. Shadburne was also very intentional with personnel he hired and made it a point to find the friendliest people who genuinely enjoy improving the lives of the children. "They are the lifeblood of the practice," says Dr. Shadburne.

"It is about more then teeth in our office; our mission is to guide and empower the trailblazing kids of Gallatin," Dr. Shadburne says. This is also demonstrated in the out-of-office commitments he keeps, as well. Dr. Shadburne works closely with Friends of Gallatin Miracle Park and his office has now partnered with the Miracle League of Gallatin--a newly formed buddy-baseball league, as well. The Miracle League of Gallatin is an inclusive program that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual and promotes the love of baseball for all! For every five new patients that Trailhead Pediatric Dentistry sees, the office sponsors a local athlete in the Miracle League which allows him/her to play free of charge.

With so much good going on in the community and at the office, what lies on the horizon for Trailhead and Dr. Shadburne?

"We're focused on growing our team at Trailhead and deepening our impact in the community," he says, as well as, "adjusting to life as a family of 4! Our kids keep us busy and we are trying to soak up every minute."

Trailhead Pediatric Dentistry is located at 124 Goodview Way, Ste. B, at Greenlea Commons in Gallatin.

  • "Boone" the Cavapoo who is training to be the office therapy dog.
  • "Boone" the Cavapoo who is training to be the office therapy dog.

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