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A Trip to the Sun

The sun is 93 million miles from Earth and yet Devin Dickinson taps into its power daily.  Devin’s adventure into solar began in Wisconsin where he was born and raised.  He came to Colorado to be with his family in 2009.  Devin was bartending when the pandemic hit and instead of letting the pandemic get the best of him, he decided to use it as the push he needed to try something new.  Devin took a leap of faith and found his dream career in solar!

After spending 4 years in the door to door, high pressure sales that didn’t align with his values, Devin knew that he needed to change the way solar energy was sold.  Enter Jake Hess, Devin’s mentor and “solar guru”.  Jake offered Devin and his mom, Diana the opportunity to run the solar division of his company.  This was exactly what Devin needed; the chance to see solar done with values, honestly, customer first business practices, and a focus on ethical business. 

This break gave Devin and Diana all they needed to begin their own business, Altitude Solar.  Altitude Solar prides itself on offering low pressure, high quality service with a focus on educating clients first and providing them with a myriad of background checked and verified installer choices.  They will work with their customers to design a system that works best for their property.  

So why solar? Customers get to use the sun and its power to lower their utility bill. In an economy of ever increasing prices, solar allows you to lock in your electricity rate, paying that amount each month no matter what changes the utility companies decide to make.  Eventually, you own your own electricity! The icing on the cake? You get to help keep mother Earth that much cleaner!

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One of the most unique programs that Altitudue Solar offers their clients is Community Solar.  Community Solar allows a residential or commercial building to tap into a solar field using their existing Xcel framework with no additional equipment added to the property.  This is perfect for anyone who can't or doesn't want to add actual solar panels to their property.