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A Trusted Garage Lift Company to Improve Your Home

Vegas Garage Lifts knows how to elevate your garage with safety and efficiency

A home is where families grow and create the foundation of the life they desire. Each room holds a purpose, providing vital necessities to our everyday routine. Some rooms are given an extra bit of personal touch, but far too often, garages are overlooked.

Garages have a conventional benefit usually designated for cars, but they come with their limits. Garage lifts are trending to transform a garage from something simple as a storage room to a multi-purpose and high-functioning asset to the house. That is where Vegas Garage Lifts comes in. The garage lift company specializes in enhancing the space, aesthetic, and functionality of any garage.

The family-owned company prides itself on putting the client first. The first objective when working with clients is to understand what they need and how it fits into their overall vision. Sometimes more space is needed for another car or for a showroom. Other times, the garage lifts can provide room for a “man cave” or more organized and efficient storage. Whatever the case may be, the team at Vegas Garage Lifts will listen and collaborate with the client. 

Laura Zwick, Residential Sales Consultant at Vegas Garage Lifts, said, “When a client calls in, we do free site evaluations. Our whole goal is to help people get what they need and to be that one person they can call.”

Building trust with each client is important. If a client’s goal for their garage isn’t routinely what the business offers, the team at Vegas Garage Lifts will go out of their way to meet that vision, even if it is out of their scope. In that case, Zwick will be the project manager and oversee hired subcontractors to help with the project; that way, the client won’t have to worry about managing all aspects of the construction.

With homeowner associations (HOAs), some clients are not able to have a car parked on the street, so making adjustments to a garage is a necessity. Or needing a place to entertain guests could be a motive for installing a garage lift. Either way, clients will be living and using these lifts, and the most significant concern regarding it all …safety.

The lifts at Vegas Garage Lift are certified by the American Lift Institute, also known as ALI. This sets their safety measures apart from others because clients can rely on their lifts thriving above the comprehensive standards of lifts, assuring they are safe to work with and around.

Depending on the space and capacity of the garage in contrast to the vehicle's weight, a wide variety of lifts are offered. Motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and boats are just the beginning of what the lifts are capable of carrying. Regardless of what the lift will be carrying, it’s all run by electric hydraulic-powered units. With an increase in electric vehicles, Vegas Garage Lift also offers installations for EV chargers. 

Robert Seltzer, owner of Vegas Garage Lift, said, “Vegas Garage Lifts is a division of our larger company, Automotive Equipment of Nevada. We’ve been in the valley for 30 years.” Seltzer went on to explain, “We do this on a much larger scale every day, and with Vegas Garage Lifts, we’ve condensed all the other aspects of automotive equipment for the home.”

Vegas Garage Lift believes in putting as much care, safety, and collaboration into their work. And over the years, it has definitely paid off. With so many of their guests expressing gratitude and trust with their homes, Seltzer said, “It’s just how we run business… At the end of the day, we ensure the customer gets what they want and are happy with the end result.”