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A Tween’s Dream

Inside the Purple Butterfly’s Chrysalis Room

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

As a mother to three boys, Dale Budde’s life forever changed when she learned her first grandchild would be a baby girl. 

“I went crazy, and I could not buy pink and bows fast enough,” Dale shares, laughing alongside her husband, Neil. When pondering their post-retirement plans, one of which included extensive sailing, the pair decided that moving closer to their grandchildren was the answer, and soon their journey to Franklin began. 

“Neil suggested starting a store,” Dale shared. “So we went to the Atlanta market and started buying lots of stuff, but we still didn’t have a storefront. I knew I wanted to be one of those cute little shops, like Meg Ryan owned in You’ve Got Mail.”

Dale’s vision and perseverance paid off when a realtor helped her discover the charming white house on downtown Franklin’s Second Avenue North that would soon become the home of the children’s boutique named in memory of her father: the Purple Butterfly. 

Since opening in 2018, the Purple Butterfly has become a beloved staple in Franklin, welcoming parents, grandparents, friends and family searching for the perfect outfit or gift for a little one’s special occasion. But as the store has grown over the past five years, so too have its regular customers. 

“We knew we needed bigger sizes because our clients’ kids were aging out,” Dale says. “One of my customers, Camille Hodges, used to be a buyer in New York and Los Angeles, so we brought her on to be our tween buyer.” 

The team at the Purple Butterfly set out to develop a dedicated space for children between the ages of seven and 12 to shop for stylish and age-appropriate options. Housing everything from casual to special occasion clothing, jewelry and accessories, the renovated space features trendy touches like a pink neon sign against a wall of greenery, crystal accents and a dedicated dressing room for tweens only. 

The space has earned the coveted stamp of approval from its clientele. “The tweens think it’s so cool, they just want to hang out here,” Dale adds. 

And while the space is especially suited for tweens, the Purple Butterfly also sparks a sense of childhood nostalgia for its adult shoppers. “We cater to your child and your inner child,” Neil says. 

Having just opened the new space in early 2023, Dale and Neil look forward to evolving the Chrysalis Room as the seasons and styles change. Shop the room in person at the Purple Butterfly, or online at

  • Neil and Dale Budde