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Lucky for us, Fairfield County is filled with wonderful women writers sharing captivating stories. Here are our top picks for the best new page-turners:

1. Sister Stardust, by Jane Green

In her first novel inspired by a true story, New York Times bestselling author Jane Green re-imagines the glamorous and tragic life of troubled fashion icon and socialite Talitha Getty. From afar Talitha's life seemed perfect. In her twenties, and already a famous model and actress, she moved from London to a palace in Marrakesh, with her husband Paul Getty, the famous oil heir. There she presided over a swirling ex-pat scene filled with music, art, and free love. When Claire arrives in London from her small town, she never expects to cross paths with a woman as magnetic as Talitha Getty. Yearning for the adventure and independence, she's swept off to Marrakesh, where the two become kindred spirits. But beneath Talitha's glamorous facade lurks a darkness few can understand. As their friendship blossoms and the two grow closer, the realities of Talitha's precarious existence set off a chain of dangerous events that could alter Claire's life forever.
Jane Green is the author of eighteen New York Times bestselling novels including The Beach House, Jemima J and Second Chance. 

2. The Lobotomist’s Wife, by Samantha Greene Woodruff

An enthralling historical novel of a compassionate and relentless woman, a cutting-edge breakthrough in psychiatry, and a nightmare in the making. Since her brother took his life after WWI, Ruth Emeraldine has had one goal: to help those suffering from mental illness. Then she falls in love with charismatic Robert Apter―a brilliant doctor championing a radical new treatment, the lobotomy. But as her husband spirals into deluded megalomania, Ruth can’t ignore her growing suspicions. Inspired by a shocking chapter in medical history, The Lobotomist’s Wife is a galvanizing novel of a woman fighting against the most grievous odds, of ego, and of the best intentions gone horribly awry.

Samantha Greene Woodruff combines her multi-faceted background with her wild imagination for her first historical fiction novel.

3. Alias Anna, by Susan Hood (with Greg Dawson)

The moving true story of how young Ukrainian Jewish piano prodigies Zhanna (alias “Anna”) and her sister Frina outplayed their pursuers while hiding in plain sight during the Holocaust. When the Germans invade Ukraine, Zhanna, a young Jewish girl, must leave behind her friends, her freedom, and her promising musical future at the world’s top conservatory. With no time to say goodbye, Zhanna, her sister, Frina, and their entire family are removed from their home by the Nazis and forced on a long, cold death march. When a guard turns a blind eye, Zhanna flees with nothing more than her musical talent, her beloved sheet music, and her father’s final plea: “I don’t care what you do. Just live.” 

Susan Hood is the award-winning author of many books for young readers, including Lifeboat 12The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics, and Ada’s ViolinGreg Dawson is the son of Zhanna and an award-winning journalist for over fifty years.

4. Object Lessons: Stroller, by Amanda Parrish Morgan

The Object Lessons series, published in association with The Atlantic, explores the hidden lives of ordinary things and uncovers the lessons they hold about ourselves, and the modern world. Through memoir, historical research, and cultural criticism, Stroller explores what this ubiquitous baby equipment reveals about our attitudes toward parenthood and children. In Stroller we see the history of an object run parallel to the history of competing and often contradictory expectations of new parents. A line of strollers parked by the playground fence is as ripe for parody as the hybrid-filled parking lot of our local Whole Foods. Stroller examines how the assumptions and stereotypes associated with strollers are inextricable from broader assumptions and stereotypes about parenting and class. Out in September 2022; available now for preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Amanda Parrish Morgan is a Writing Instructor at Fairfield University and a Westport Writers’ Workshop Instructor. This is her debut novel.

  • Talitha Getty, with husband Paul Getty in Marrakesh, the inspiration for Jane Green’s latest novel.