A Vision of Success

Landscape and design business continues to grow along with Las Vegas Valley

“Tell us what your dreams are, and we will try our best to make it happen for you.” 

For Steve Salomon, owner and president of Centerpoint Landscaping, that motto is a promise that comes with every contract he signs with his clients. The Las Vegas-based company launched in 2016 and has grown to become one of the top landscaping businesses in Southern Nevada in just over five years. It was voted "Best of Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2021 for outdoor kitchens and landscaping.

“In the beginning, it was just me at one point and my pick-up truck. Then it was two other guys and me, and we just kept growing,” said Salomon. “In the first few years, we tripled our business. It’s been a steady growth and incline, and we just keep trying to make things happen.”

One of the biggest landscaping trends to hit the industry during the pandemic was the increased demand for outdoor space, and many companies nationwide benefitted from this, including Centerpoint Landscaping. 

“People were stuck at home and looking at yards. Instead of their vacation budget, they are putting more time and effort into their outdoor living areas, and that’s what we do,” said Salomon.

His team offers all kinds of custom landscaping services, from upscale outdoor kitchens to unique water features. But what Salomon is really proud of is giving his customers the service and attention that other companies may not be able to give.

“We have a 3D visualizer landscaping design program that has become a game-changer,” said Salomon. “This technology allows us to give clients a realistic view of how the work can transform their homes. We utilize the program to the fullest and spend a lot of time on the planning process, so our clients get to experience their vision coming to life even before we begin construction.”

For Salomon, he said it's also important to give customers peace of mind throughout this entire process. And his team’s comprehensive knowledge of the Homeowners Associations (HOA) in Southern Nevada is a big part of their success.

“Most people in Vegas have HOA’s, and we know most in town because we have been dealing with them for a while, so we know what their expectations are,” said Salomon. “Having that knowledge from the frontend helps us create the right design from the get-go. A lot of homeowners do get nervous, and they don’t want to tackle the HOAs on their own, and our team is there for them. It’s all included as part of our service. It’s not something you pay extra for.”

Despite their growth and success, Salomon said Centerpoint Landscaping was not immune to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other small business owners, Salomon had to deal with issues like labor shortages. He said the company managed by paying employees above industry standard and doing everything they could to retain the best workers.

“We are putting the right people in key positions to help the company grow," said Salomon. "I couldn’t be here without the employees. The business wouldn't be here without the team and the staff all working together to take care of our customers.”

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