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A Warehouse Full of Love

Furnishing homes with hope and joy

During her time with the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills (JLOSH), Kim Sleeman spent time assisting various charities. She knew there was so much need out there and in 2019, decided to focus on one particular aspect. Today, The Warehouse is her life’s work. 

“If people are homeless or in a shelter, and now they’ve obtained the resources to move, I want to help them move into a lovely new space,” she says. “When you meet these people, you realize the power of that moment for them – that they're getting their lives back. Part of that is giving them furniture so they feel comfortable in their new space.”

Kim gets the furniture and other household goods such as decorative pillows, art work, rugs, and lamps through donations in and around Short Hills, where she lives. And, she is very particular about what she accepts. “When people call to donate, I ask them, ‘Would you be proud to pass this down to your children?’ Because that's the furniture I want.”

The people she assists come from many different backgrounds and situations. They may have just lost their home in a fire, or are fleeing from an unhealthy situation. She also helps refugees coming in from all over the world, such as Afghanistan, Syria, and soon, Ukraine. She knows she’s going to need more help.

Every member of her Board is from JLOSH, and they help her apply for grants and raise funds. “Last year, they came up with this super fun night,” says Kim. “We hosted it at Canoe Brook and there were 75 to 100 people there - it sold out in about an hour.” She’s hoping to hold other fundraising events soon.

“Our mission, first and foremost, is to cultivate leadership and to develop the capacity of women as leaders,” says Larissa Wick Holdereid, the President of JLOSH. “Our business is to be in the community and we look at community impact through a lens of service, learning and leadership development.”

Kim, who was born in West Africa, has always believed in giving back. About a week after graduating from Cornell University, she joined the Peace Corps and stayed with it for about two years. She says she is following in her father’s footprints, who at almost 85, still volunteers his time.

The Warehouse is located in Orange. To move the furniture, she currently rents box trucks, but since that’s expensive, she hopes to raise enough funds to buy one in the future.

To find out more, and to support The Warehouse with its mission, go to

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