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A Welcoming and Creative Space

Fine art with a touch of fun

Elizabeth Perkins, the owner of Bennett Galleries in Nashville, wants people to feel comfortable coming in and exploring all that it has to offer. “I love our space,” she says. “There’s a lot of natural light and a lot of movement. It's not boring at all. We’re a fine art gallery, but we keep it lighthearted here.”

One thing is for sure - customers can’t help but smile when they see the fun and whimsical collection from Dr. Seuss. “We have reproductions of his works,” says Elizabeth. “They’re limited editions, signed and numbered prints.”

These are on display by the custom frame shop on the second floor of the gallery. “People love to go over and admire them,” she says. “They just make everyone happy. We had a Dr. Seuss Christmas tree this year which was awesome too.”

In addition to the wonderful works of art, Bennett Galleries, which was established in 1978 and purchased by Elizabeth in 2018, is well known for its high-quality framing. “We frame in all different price ranges and are constantly told that our prices are better than the national chain stores,” she says.

The gallery, which is on the main floor, focuses on contemporary works painted on canvas and board. Some of the artists the gallery represents are Scott E. Hill, Charlotte Terrell, and Carylon Cooper. “We've represented Scott for well over 20 years,” says Elizabeth. “He’s one of our top sellers and longest-running artists and is out of Chattanooga. Charlotte is a local artist and a Nashville favorite, and so we’re always pleased to have her work. Carylon is a well-established artist under the name Carylon Killebrew.”

Bennett Galleries also hosts many opportunities to meet the artists behind the works. “I’ve found that even with my own collection, I love knowing the origin and meeting the artist,” she says. “A lot of people like to know the thoughts behind the compositions, which are always interesting.”

Its spring show will feature John Hyche, Saul Gray-Hildenbrand and Wanda Steppe, and its fall show will feature Trevor Mikula. As usual, there will be wine and beer, some tasty food, and maybe even live music. Check the website for the exact details.

Elizabeth loves that every day in the gallery is different, and working in Nashville is definitely a plus. “I've been here almost 30 years and I’ve seen Nashville grow so much,” she says. “It's turning into a big city fast, and I'm amazed at how many new clients we get weekly. We do a lot of work with interior designers too, so that also keeps us very busy.

“There’s a lot of natural light and a lot of movement. It's not boring at all. We’re a fine art gallery, but we keep it lighthearted here.”