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Award-winning Realtor, Lori Rogers Shares, About the Journey That Brought Her to Frederick

Lori Rogers now calls Frederick County home, but it’s a long way from where she began. Her family originated in Scotland; however, she was born and grew up in South Africa. After college, she worked for a health and exercise company, but not in the way one would expect upon hearing that statement. Lori sold debentures, a type of financial instrument that provided operational funding for the company. She became enthralled with business and went back to school to earn an M.B.A. While there, she met an irresistible man from England who is now her husband. With a new degree and a husband, her world was about to change.

Three Continents

After graduation, they moved to the beautiful seaside town of Durban on South Africa’s Indian Ocean coast. A few years later, international professionalism called and they were off to London. Ever the ambitious one, Lori applied for a more expansive opportunity while living in London. What she achieved was a job with Bechtel in corporate strategic marketing and business development. That job required a move to Denver, Colorado.

Mining Opportunities

Lori’s father had worked for a mining company and, in a way, Lori followed in his footsteps. “I focused on the business development of mining properties for Bechtel, traveling to Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Canada,” she said.

Eventually, that corporate job brought Lori and her husband to Frederick. “When Bechtel left town, we decided to stay,” she said. “Our daughters were in high school and stability was important for them.” However, that meant transition was necessary for Lori.

In addition to the mining industry, Lori’s father influenced her with his belief that one should own properties. “After doing so much buying and selling of properties for myself, I decided to apply both my sales and strategic management expertise to a different profession—real estate sales,” she said and then shared, “That change also satisfied my desire to have my own business.”

Lori has been in real estate for fourteen years now. She’s on the board of Keller Williams in Frederick and an investor in a title company. As a member of Keller Williams International, when the company expanded to Great Britain eight years ago, Lori invested in their office in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. “I was too late for the office in London,” she recalled.

It’s all a part of the international life Lori loves. She has family in South Africa, England and Australia. Her youngest daughter now attends college in Scotland. “Frederick’s location enables us to have our whole world available with a one-hour trip to three airports,” she said. “We’re connected to the world, but living in a very caring community.”

Lori does her share of caring. Having achieved many goals in her life, she believes giving back is extremely important. She’s a member of the Women’s Giving Circle and morning Rotary Club. With every real estate closing, Lori donates $100 to the Good Samaritan Capital Development Campaign for Frederick Health.

The Fun Challenges

Life is full of fun, too. Any holiday is an excuse to entertain or, at least, Lori makes it an excuse. Robert Burns’ birthday? Sure, it’s a haggis party. Memorial Day? Let’s make it international. “I live on Lake Linganore with lots of other swimmers,” she said. “We divide up the docks by country with a ‘national’ cocktail on each dock. Starting with Bud Lights on our dock, we all swim from dock to dock for the delightful refreshments to be found there.” 

This warm-hearted woman can sometimes be a cold fish, however. For the last four years Lori has participated in ice-swimming. This “fun” endeavor takes part on Lake Memphremagog in northern Vermont. After workers cut through the ice to expose a swimming channel, bubblers are used to keep the ice from re-freezing. Lori and more than 100 other adventurous humans then jump into the slushy water and swim races and laps.

In late February 2023, the temperature was minus three degrees! The event started with swimmers racing down the length of the channel wearing silly hats that varied from a bird’s nest to a Statue of Liberty with an actual flame. Does laughing keep you warmer? Is there logic in goosebumps and near hypothermia? It’s all about the fun challenge. And, what may be most notable about this icy competition is the opportunity to challenge cancer with dedicated donations.

Lori’s been a swimmer all her life, so swimming for progressive dockside cocktails is just another event. The ice swimming? Well, that’s hard to explain, but challenges are her style. She also runs marathons and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Part of her generosity extends to financial help for their Kilimanjaro guide and his family.


Lori’s favorite country is beautiful Botswana, yet she also loves Tanzania. But, after multiple moves across three continents, Frederick is home. “Frederick has a unique character,” she said. “It’s small enough for amazing connections, yet large enough for great evenings enjoying our diverse restaurants and growing arts opportunities. It’s a vibrant community and the people here are committed to its success.”


“Frederick’s location enables us to have our whole world available...We’re connected to the world, but living in a very caring community.”

“Frederick has a unique character.  It’s small enough for amazing connections, yet large enough for great evenings enjoying our diverse restaurants and growing arts opportunities. It’s a vibrant community and the people here are committed to its success.”

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