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Dr. Ben Carerra MD

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Locked in or Locked out

When was the last time that you were able to spend ten minutes of your day with yourself? Now that we are in lock out time, many things come to mind as to how to entertain ourselves; however, when presented with this question, I was unable to come up with an answer.

The idea of spending a few minutes with ourselves, just sitting in our home doing nothing, might be something that we could add to the myriad of things we are now having to do. Lately, I have learned that by taking a little time out of my day, just to let thoughts go through my mind and then allowing them to pass by, without judgement, can have significant changes on our state of mind.

As it turns out, this exercise is the essence of what meditation is all about. For most of us, our minds wander in the future, giving us anxiety (especially during this time) or we replay the past, which often leads to depression.

Meditation allows us to familiarize ourselves with the present moment. It gives us the choice to relate to what is happening right now. We can think about who is guilty of this calamity? Or why us? Or now what? Or we can back out and look more from a distance what we can do to gain something useful out of this experience.

The results of meditating seem to come for many with a lot more exercise rather than just a few minutes of our day. As it is with everything else though, it takes time to develop this mental fitness. I think current times may be an opportunity for us to start thinking more of our present moment and living in it as opposed to not. 

Certainly worth trying to lock in something that might be fruitful rather than locked out until all of this is over.

  • Dr. Ben Carerra MD