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Learn to Play an Instrument Online


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument but never found the time to take lessons? Now is a great opportunity to take on a new hobby, and playing an instrument has many health benefits. According to Inc., musical training can improve long-term memory, reduce stress, increase the blood flow to the brain and more.

There are many sources for taking music lessons online. Here are just a few options:


Lessonface connects students with highly qualified teachers for one-on-one and group classes over Zoom video conference. All you need to use Lessonface is a computer or tablet with webcam and reliable Internet access. Learn to play anything from acoustic guitar and piano to French horn or vibraphone. You can book classes based on your skill level and the teacher's availability, pricing and even languages spoken.

LinkedIn Learning

Formerly, LinkedIn Learning offers 28 different music courses taught by industry experts. Choose from jazz piano, blues guitar, ukulele, banjo and more. Most courses are for beginners.


TakeLessons offers private and live group lessons for guitar, piano, flute and more. Get matched with qualified instructors—take a look at their prices, reviews and bios, or call the concierge for help with finding a good fit.


After a few quick questions about your needs, Musika connects you with instructors who can teach you to play anything from the violin to the flute or the piano to the guitar.