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Article by Christie Sounart

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Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Barbara Larson wants her clients to get the most out of their lives. It’s why she asks each of them the same question: “What do you want to accomplish with the money you have?”

Whether it’s a retirement home, an around-the-world adventure, or helping a family member attend college, Larson and her team want to make it happen for their clients.

With her business, Larson Wealth Planners — which she co-owns with her daughter Brittany Larson and her daughter-in-law Hope Todt —  Larson focuses heavily on financial and wealth planning, investment management, and legacy planning.

It’s a shift from the firm’s earliest days, focusing on tax preparation in the mid-1990s. Barbara’s clients helped her see that she could offer them much more than tax help. Once, she recalls, she had a tax client tell her that she cried when her financial planner said she couldn’t take a vacation with the assets she had.

Barbara, who is both a certified public accountant (CPA) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, says, “At the time I shared an office space with another accountant and financial planner who said to me, ‘Why are you letting this opportunity go? You can provide these services to your clients as well.’”

She decided she would pursue future-focused approaches for individuals, couples and their families that had potential for meaningful, long-term outcomes.

A Focus on the Future

Today, the three women — with help from Brittany’s husband Josh Macip and snuggles from business dog-in-residence Scout — rely on their vast financial experience and deep care to make sure each client reaches the potential they envision for themselves — and more. They are eager to talk about life over a cup of coffee while offering thoughtful advice.

“People have worked hard all their lives for the money they’ve made,” says Brittany. “Our goal with planning is really helping clients accomplish what they want now that they’re retired — or if they are near retirement, helping them retire with confidence.”

Many of their clients are women seeking financial guidance for their retirement years, says Barbara.

“The financial planning world is still very much a boys club,” she says. “Oftentimes, women having other women to talk to and relate to makes it an easier transition when they’re going through something in their life — whether it's divorce, death of their spouse, retirement, or just inheriting money.”

The trio also helps couples plan for their potential future as singles if the other dies.

Barbara recalls a couple who approached them about taking out the husband’s pension. Despite his excellent health, Barbara recommended a life insurance plan for his wife so she’d be financially secure if he passed away suddenly. They did as she advised.

“He passed away 18 months later,” says Barbara. “If he had just gone to someone who was only looking at the retirement side of things, his wife would have been out of luck. That’s why looking at the full picture is so important.”

New Beginnings

The 31-year-old firm, currently located on East 1st Avenue in Broomfield, will move to a new office in early June near Burbank Street and West 6th Ave. There, the women are excited to welcome clients as they always have — with professionalism and intention.

“We’re really looking for clients who are invested in the bigger picture,” says Brittany.

But there’s also plenty of fun at the heart of their work, too.  

“One gentleman came in recently and had inherited some money,” said Brittany. “He said, ‘My family has never taken a vacation over spring break.’ We said, ‘Please go on vacation!’”

There are no surprises in their wealth management processes, the trio insist.

“We have an ongoing relationship with our clients,” says Hope. “It’s all about building the relationship and helping them through those stages so they can enjoy themselves versus worrying about that next step.”

For many, that step can bring years of fulfillment and promise.

Says Brittany: “Watching your clients retire and seeing them do everything they dreamed of, that’s way more rewarding than telling them that they owe money on their tax return.”

Larson Wealth Planners is a full-service financial planning team that works collaboratively to serve clients—providing financial, investment and tax knowledge to clients in a relaxed environment. More information can be found at

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"People have worked hard all their lives for the money they’ve made. Our goal with planning is really helping clients accomplish what they want now that they’re retired — or if they are near retirement, helping them retire with confidence.”

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