Achieve Healthy Skin by Optimizing Your Biome

Like forests, people are habitats where flora and fauna form biomes.

"When we talk about a biome, we are talking about the trillions of cells in and on our bodies that make us what we call humans," says Amy Reynolds, a nutritionist and wellness consultant with 40 years of experience. "Keeping our good bacteria healthy means eating and putting healthy nutrients on our skin."

A Houston native with a degree from the University of Houston, Amy has traveled the globe studying food, herbology, and natural healing processes. After living in Peru for the past several years, Amy is back and putting her experience to work at her new company, Up! Natural Products

As part of this venture, Amy developed a skincare line called Biome Supercell. Many companies claim to be all-natural, yet "If you look at their ingredients, they're not," Amy says. "I just wanted to prove I could make a skincare line that is 100% pure, and Biome Supercell is."

Amy believes using plant-based products like hers, which are adaptogenic, is crucial to achieving healthy skin but adds, "The health of your skin is determined by more than what you put on it."

To get your biome functioning optimally, Amy advises you also reduce stress by utilizing meditation and healing plans. In addition, she recommends a diet that includes high amounts of diverse fiber to feed your gut's microbiome. She says aligning your inner balance "makes you look good and feel vibrant." 

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