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"Achieving the Dream" Team

Husband and wife team work hard to make homeownership a reality for their clients.

COVID has had a direct impact on how people and many businesses view home and workspace, resulting in big market drivers that have significantly influenced today's real estate market. "Not having to go into the office as much, if at all, people can work from pretty much anywhere. They don't necessarily need to live in or near metropolitan areas." Heather Beard, Branch Manager for the Beard Mortgage Team with Loan Depot, understands and navigates - exceedingly well - the cyclical nature of the real estate market.

Home prices are on the rise across the country, and it is mostly a seller's market. Husband and team member, David, offers suggestions as to why this is perhaps more prevalent in Fayette County. "We live in an amazing area. If you're in the Atlanta area within however many miles, you can do anything. You can be at a football game, a concert, a ballet or play, a 5-star restaurant, an amusement park, or at the largest aquarium in the United States. There are so many things within our reach."

Heather has been in the mortgage business since the late '90s, and as a result of the 2007 recession, lost her job. Smart and confidently ready to reinvent herself, she pursued an education at LaGrange College to become a real estate attorney. The Beards can thank Darlene, the sweet lady who managed the bookstore at LaGrange College, for bringing David to Heather's attention in 2009. "Heather, you have got to meet the guy who does our website." The early encounters between Heather and David created the foundation for their love story. The two married not long after and enjoyed life with their two daughters and son, in LaGrange . . . for a time, that is. According to David, "Heather is always thinking five steps in advance of me and most others." In 2016, after gauging David's willingness, Heather put wheels in motion to sell their home and move her family from LaGrange to Peachtree City. Their home sold within two weeks, leaving the Beards with one month to move out of their home and find a new one. With a second attempt, the Beards were blessed to have an offer accepted and moved into their new home in Peachtree City just three days before Christmas that year. They absolutely love living in Peachtree City.

While the Beard Mortgage Team is in the business of processing mortgages, building a meaningful relationship with their clients is at the heart of everything they do, and providing an exceptional experience with a high degree of care as they guide them throughout their mortgage journey. The expertise and technology that exists within the Loan Depot infrastructure lend itself to the team's ability to process loans quickly, as well as compete competitively with cash offers when everything required is in place. The process is such that you can be qualified for a mortgage before you even start looking.

Today, the Beards are seeing that there are many well-qualified people with savings and a good credit score. Heather and David offer sound advice when looking to engage, on any level, in the real estate market. "If anyone is even remotely in a situation where they are thinking about buying or refinancing, they should reach out to a trusted financial advisor to look at their complete financial package - where they are in their investments, their retirement, their equity; what their goals are 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the road, and let that person help them with their financial plan. One that's not only good now but will be good through those other milestone years. If and when they decide to sell and buy, reach out to a trusted real estate agent who will have their best interest in mind. There are a lot of great agents in this area."

For prospective buyers who have a concern about being able to recoup the investment made in purchasing a home in today’s market, consider interest rates. Oftentimes, when you buy a house that has a slightly higher purchase price, but you get a lower interest rate — when you offset those two things —  it means your payments are ultimately going to be lower than if you were to purchase at a lower dollar amount, at a time when rates are higher. Although values are higher right now, interest rates are still at good lows. This impacts whether the decision to purchase is going to be a positive long-term investment. The Beards believe that “most real estate transactions are positive investments.”

Seeking financial guidance before putting plans in motion, will be integral to making informed decisions. Whether you are an investor looking to fund your next investment property or a prospective homebuyer looking to purchase your next dream home, Heather Beard and her team have the expertise and creative real estate financing strategies that can help. Find out why they are one of the most successful in Fayette County for all your lending needs. Visit them at, call (706) 616-7676, or email