Active Ingredients That Help Keep You Active

Webster Groves scientist explains the science of staying naturally healthy.

AmPurity Wellness, the maker of the supplements WelTract™ and ZAMboost™, and LithoBalance™ was founded in 2013 by a local Webster Groves scientist. "Our products contain unique natural ingredients. Not all supplements are created equal," said founder William P. Leinert. "Our mission is to educate our customers and help them understand the scientific benefit behind each ingredient." 


Lactoferrin is a protein commonly found in  breast milk (colostrum). Despite being derived from milk, Lactoferrin contains no lactose and offers numerous health benefits. It is responsible for binding with iron while supporting the immune system. 

Beta Glucan:

Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide (carbohydrate) found in grains, baker’s yeast, and mushrooms. Science indicated that beta-glucans are powerful prebiotics that stimulate the immune system, lowering stress, reducing cholesterol absorption and fending off infections.


D-Mannose is a naturally occurring carbohydrate closely related to glucose but does not cause blood sugar spikes. Extensive research shows the effectiveness of D-Mannose in supporting a healthy urinary tract by obstructing infection-causing bacteria. 

Whole Cranberry Extract:

The proprietary whole cranberry extract (stem, seed, and root) has been shown in clinical research to provide optimal conditions for a healthy urinary tract. This extract distinguishes the product from others on the market. 

AmPurity’s scientific foundation of biology, chemistry, and urology provide a proactive and natural alternative to traditional medicine. WelTract™ is a comprehensive urinary tract support supplement, ZAMboost™ is a go-to immune support supplement for health and wellness, and LithoBalance™, is a comprehensive kidney stone support supplement. Ampurity.com

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