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Acupuncture 101

Explore one of alternative medicine’s most popular treatments with the founder of QingDao Wellness

As founder of QingDao Wellness, Robert “Kirby” Woods, LAc, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM) understands that many people have questions about alternative medicine, including what happens during an acupuncture session.

Woods offers in-home Chinese medicine services to people throughout the east valley, including Ahwatukee.

For those who have never had acupuncture—the traditional Chinese medicine treatment where very thin needles are inserted in the skin at strategic points on the body, commonly used for overall wellness and to help alleviate pain—Woods starts by sending an extensive electronic health questionnaire to the patient.

“This will provide a great history and details into the daily life of the patient,” he says.

During the first acupuncture session, Woods will take his patient’s pulse, look at the patient’s tongue and review the health questionnaire.

“With all of these details, I will determine a differential diagnosis, propose a treatment plan, and provide the first treatment,” he says.

Follow-up appointments are shorter, and include discussing any changes the patient observed and the treatment.

“The treatment itself involves choosing up to 10 acupuncture points, as well as suggesting herbs or other modalities beneficial to meeting the health goals of the patient, to address the complaints presented,” Woods says, adding that acupuncture can be used in conjunction with Western medicine.

“For conditions where a slight adjustment is necessary, traditional medicines, such as acupuncture and herbs, can give more ‘bang for the buck.’”

Hearing positive feedback from his patients about how acupuncture has helped them is extremely gratifying for Woods.

“I am truly blessed to provide acupuncture services and am excited to help so frequently and in so many subtle ways,” he says.

“I am truly blessed to provide acupuncture services and am excited to help so frequently and in so many subtle ways."

About Robert “Kirby” Woods

Robert “Kirby” Woods left his first career as an environmental chemist in 2010. The same year, he enrolled in the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA). He completed the full course of study in 2015, and was fully licensed in 2018. He founded QingDao Wellness in 2018.

480.459.4426 | | Instagram and Facebook at QingDaoWellness

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