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Is Drinking a Social Obligation?

Our social lives often involve happy hour, dinner cocktails, and beer while watching our favorite sports. The problem is that we might feel obligated to drink. Author Adam Lamb shares why alcohol, the “cornerstone of the modern American social life,” can actually hold us back when it comes to family, career, fitness, and health goals.

Lamb’s emancipating message is shared in his book Better Than the Binge: Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol. His intention is not to preach but simply explain how and why he developed new habits and a new life.

“I wasn’t an alcoholic or out of control,” he states. “I quit because I assessed my life and wanted to improve all aspects by removing things that didn’t serve me. Alcohol was at the top of the list.”

Social drinking is something we celebrate from the age of 21, and binging during gatherings is not uncommon. Alcohol loosens inhibitions, but if we can’t have a good time without being inebriated, we have to wonder why. Lamb examined his reasons for drinking and decided it didn’t align with what he wanted for his future.

At first, he felt like a social outlier and noticed that others felt uncomfortable when he ordered iced tea instead of a mixed drink. It led to conversations about working out in the early morning without feeling foggy, a more authentic connection with his wife and children, and a better focus on his skyrocketing businesses. There were no downsides to Lamb’s new lifestyle, only positives.

Now, in addition to running his businesses, Lamb is a high-performance coach for Christian men who want to leave behind habits that hold them back and make room for what moves them forward. “When people realize that zero alcohol consumption eliminates the risk of missing an opportunity, saying something unfortunate, behaving inappropriately, or facing a DUI, most people aren’t inclined to drink as much,” he says.

He wrote his book to encourage thought processes about self-improvement and exercising free will while living life to the healthiest and fullest. You can find Better Than the Binge: Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol on Amazon and at

  • Author Adam Lamb and his book, "Better than the Binge: Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol"
  • Adam Lamb, author of "Better than the Binge: Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol"