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Add Some Holiday Sparkle

Beyond Jewelers Gift Guide

It's the holidays, and that means everything has an extra shine and sparkle; from lights and decor to the shimmering frost. Why not add some of that festive brilliance to your own loved one's wardrobe with a one-of-a-kind piece from Beyond Measure Jewelers in Destin? Take a look at these inspirational pieces from our very own local jeweler and surprise that special woman in your life with something truly radiant this holiday season.  

  • This 18-karat white gold ring features 2.6-karat green tourmaline and 1 karat of small diamonds surrounding it.
  • A dazzling 14-karat white gold halo ring featuring a 2-karat round brilliant diamond with 1 karat worth of diamonds creating the halo.
  • Show-stopper earrings made in Israel, showcase 18-karat yellow gold with sapphire and diamonds. Flex style 14-karat diamond tennis bracelets.
  • Give bold with this 14-karat white gold fancy yellow diamond halo ring featuring a 1.5-karat cushion cut fancy yellow diamond with a 0.5-karat diamond halo.
  • Bring some flair with this unique snake ring featuring 18-karat yellow gold with 4.3 karats of diamonds.