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Unwrapping a small gift box can often bring great delight, especially when there’s something sparkly inside. Jewelry not only makes a beautiful gift, but it’s one people can enjoy for many years to come. It can even be passed down to future generations as heirloom treasures.

“A piece of jewelry is often sentimental because it always reminds you of a special occasion, a special event, or a special person,” says Avni Patel, the owner of The Hera Jewelers in Summit. A third-generation wholesale jeweler, he selects stones and metals and combines them in gorgeous combinations. And if something in the store doesn’t meet a particular taste or style, he can design a custom piece that fits that person perfectly.

“I had a customer come in from Texas and he wanted a ring with a Longhorn [cattle] design, and I completely customized it for him,” he says.

Avni can also help customers pick out just the right thing for family members or significant others. “Many times, a man will come in and have no idea what his wife or girlfriend likes, so I ask if he’s comfortable showing me one or two pictures of her at a party or some other celebration. This way, I can see the type of jewelry she’s wearing. Is it big? Is it small? Is it blingy? Not too blingy?”

Right now, he says, the trend is layering pieces of jewelry. “Women are wearing multiple necklaces, and they don't have to be one color. They can be rose gold, yellow gold, and white all mixed and layered together—the same thing with bracelets. Many women don't wear one bracelet anymore. They like to mix and match different shapes and different sizes.”

If a woman comes in to purchase a piece of jewelry for the man in her life and is undecided, he again asks to see a picture. He’ll look to see what type of watch the gentleman has on or if he wears cufflinks. “If he’s wearing a Rolex, is it an entry-level, or a more expensive piece? Are his cufflinks off the rack or are they custom-made? If he’s wearing cufflinks, you know he’s the type of guy who really pays attention to small details. I can then help them make a decision.”

The Hera Jewelers continually has new stock, so if you stopped in a couple of months ago, there is now new merchandise to discover. “I continue adding new pieces to my collections every month or every couple of months, so my customers can always find something new in the store,” says Avni.

For the holidays, there’s an entire collection of amazing pieces from an Italian designer who believes diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

In just the way people have barbers for 20 years or go to the same doctor year after year, he wants to be his customers’ dedicated jeweler. “I want to have that rapport with people and their families and develop long-lasting friendships,” he says. “It's never about making a one-time sale and calling it a day.”

He says many customers will buy one piece, maybe a necklace, and then come in for a matching pair of earrings or a ring later. “Or they'll pick up a pendant as a gift for Christmas, and then buy the matching bracelet for a birthday, to eventually build an entire set for the recipient.”

This holiday, make your loved ones’ eyes sparkle with a gift from The Hera Jewelers. Stop in and see Avni, or go to

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These sparkly treasures are just some of the high-quality offerings available at The Hera Jewelers. They can be worn to a sophisticated holiday get-together, or with jeans and a button-down shirt for a fun and festive look.

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