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Don’t let darkness keep you from enjoying your outdoor space

Would you like to activate and adjust your outdoor lighting system from your phone to initiate changes in color, zoning, and dimming? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can make it happen with their one-of-a-kind designs. They are the country's largest premier outdoor lighting company, with more than 100 locations nationwide and over 20 years of experience designing state-of-the-art landscape lighting.

Before opening the Las Vegas franchise five years ago, owner Kevin Felton ran a large division of an electrical contracting company doing tradeshows and lighting and rigging for live shows like Barry Manilow and The Rolling Stones. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and a lifelong Steelers fan, Kevin began his career in theatrical lighting, audio, and special events in and around Chicago and throughout the Midwest. He originally moved to California to work for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, then had an opportunity to open the Las Vegas location and fulfill the dream of owning his own business.

“Everyone else does landscape lighting, but knowing where to install it is the key. And that’s what sets Outdoor Lighting Perspectives apart, with fixtures that will last a lifetime and enhance the beauty and value of your home.”

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then many words will be spoken about a special event held on your property. With more than two decades of experience designing special events, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will create a stunning experience for you and your guests. With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to renovate or refresh outdoor entertainment spaces for twilight dinner parties, midnight swims, and showcasing your unique desert landscape.

When it comes to choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives sets the highest standards with corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wiring, and lamps that can weather the toughest outdoor conditions. Solid copper and brass materials in any architectural style take on a rich patina over time to blend in perfectly with your landscape, unlike aluminum fixtures that may corrode. Energy-efficient, low-voltage fixtures deliver the perfect amount of illumination with balanced light intensity. The Company’s one year of free maintenance allows for the continuous care of any disrupted fixtures, broken bulbs, or other common issues that may occur. Installers will even drive by your property at night to ensure everything is working properly.

Currently, HOA and residential clients are most interested in a full range of color options and distinctive designs controlled on one’s phone or tablet, especially permanent holiday installations that change seasonally. Outdoor Lighting Perspective’s permanent roofline lighting allows you to easily adjust your home’s aesthetic for any holiday or special occasion.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also works closely with commercial properties and resorts that have requested distinctive displays to raise awareness about breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. They serve businesses of all kinds in Henderson and the surrounding area.

Installations are not limited to outdoor designs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can refit your entire house as a Smart Home, compatible with an automation system from a variety of manufacturers, including Alexa and Bluetooth. They partner with large custom homebuilders with extensive automation systems that can be controlled from one spot – just set it and forget it. The team will work with you to customize your living space to be just as unique as you are!

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