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Norwex’s Natural Approach Has Chemical-free Cleaning Down to a Science

Jessica Skakum appreciates a super-clean home. For years, she relied on bleach, which left her nose burning and eyes watering. When she moved to Bridgewater, a neighbor introduced her to the natural Norex cleaning system. She was instantly hooked.

Norwex — short for “the Norwegian experience” — offers a line of cleaning and personal care products designed to reduce the number of chemicals used in the home. Founded in 1994, the Norwegian company has been steadily expanding globally. You may have seen social media posts about these natural products, but how do they work?

The Norwex cloths rely on only water and tiny microfibers to clean surfaces. The power comes from a self-purifying element called BacLock, a technology that uses a silver-based antibacterial agent embedded inside the microfibers that is designed to inhibit bacterial odor and mold and mildew growth within the cloth.

“After using the cloths, you rinse them out and hang them on a hook. In 24 hours, the cloth will self-purify,” says Skakum, who educates people on how the products work in her role as a Norwex Independent Consultant. Every two weeks, she machine-washes and dries the cloths with a chemical-free detergent and no dryer sheets.

The microfiber in the Dusting Mitt and Dry Superior Mop Pads uses static electricity to draw, lift and trap the tiniest of particles. The Tile and Wet Mop Pads can remove up to 99 percent of bacteria from floors with water when proper care and use instructions are followed. Like a “clean” smell? Skakum recommends adding natural essential oils to the water.

Beyond the microfiber cloths, the cleaning products use enzymes, which are proteins that break down dirt, grease and stains naturally. “It’s a real time-saver. It used to take my mother five hours to clean her house; she now can do it in three-and-a-half,” Skakum says. “I feel like I have so much energy now — and I don’t have to take a breath after cleaning my bathroom.”

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